Lesson Plan Title : Comparing Different Types of Corn

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5 (Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: This activity allows students to use their different senses to explore the differences between sweet corn, field corn, and Indian corn. After exploring the different types of corncobs in the classroom, the students search websites to gather more specific information about each type of corn.

Objective: The student will be able to complete a worksheet comparing sweet corn, field corn, and Indian corn.


Several ears of sweet corn, field corn, and Indian corn

Teacher created worksheet

Internet access for each group (Have a list of approved websites for the groups to use in their research.)


Hold up each of the three types of corn and ask your students what they know about each type. After they have told you, divide them into groups of three and pass out one cob of each type and a worksheet to each group. Have them complete the worksheet together. Afterwards, come back together and discuss their findings.

Sample worksheet questions

1. Draw each type of cob.

2. Name three things that are similar or different about the kernels.

3. What happens to each type of kernel when you pop it off the cob?

4. Which type is grown most often in the United States?

5. Which type is used to make popcorn? Why?

Wrap Up:

The computer section of this activity could be done individually for homework. This lesson could also be linked to an art lesson that uses Indian corn kernels to create pictures.