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National Mentoring Month - Every youngster needs a mentor and not all children are lucky enough to have two parents or older siblings or even a special aunt or uncle to help them through some of life's ups and downs. That is where the mentoring program comes in people who enjoy working with children and teens dedicate their free time to mentoring, it is a very rewarding thing to do. It allows the child or teen to create a special bond and make a new friend they can depend on!

National School Board Month - A school board is made up of people like the schools principal and a few teachers and even parents or community members that live in the school district. The purpose of a school board is to make sure that all the students in the school needs are met including the student's education, safety and even their health. The school board is a very important part of what makes a school runs smoothly.

National Glaucoma Awareness Month - Glaucoma is a disease of the eyes that can cause blindness in people age 40 or older. There are no signs that warn the person they have this disease the only way they can find out they have Glaucoma is to have a yearly eye exam. There are lots of ways you can make a difference by getting involved and making people aware of Glaucoma. If you want to help raise awareness visit the Glaucoma website they have all kinds of great ideas and you may even be inspired to think of a way to help that they haven't thought of yet!

January 1st - New Year's Day - New Year's Day as been celebrated for over 4000 years. The celebration of the New Year in the United States has been around since the early settlers who fired their guns to "ring" in the New Year. Each country celebrates the New Year on a different date depending on which calendar they use. The United States uses the Georgian calendar. They are a lot of traditions and celebrations and even some superstitions about New Year's Day!

January 1st - Ellis Island Opened - On January 1st 1892, Ellis Island started allowing immigrants from far away countries to enter the United States. When the immigrants arrived by boat they were given a physical exam to make sure they were in good health. Then they were allowed to enter the building where the workers asked them about 30 questions to determine if they would do well living in America or if they would cause trouble for America. Only a very small number (2%) of the 8 million immigrants where sent back to their own country in the 62 years that Ellis Island processed immigrants. Almost everyone has ancestor that came to America and passed through Ellis Island. Ellis Island has a fascinating history that includes the very first and last person to enter America through the Ellis Island station as well as a fire and the reasons why people where sent back to their own countries.

January 1st - Paul Revere's Birthday - The man who worked as a silversmith by day and took the infamous "midnight ride" to warn the American people that the British were coming during the Revolutionary war was born on January 1st 1735. You might be amazed at all things he did in his lifetime and how popular he was!

January 2nd - Georgia becomes the Fourth State and Ratifies the U.S. Constitution - On January 2, 1788, Georgia joined the union and became the 4th state. Georgia ratified the U.S. Constitution before joining the union.

January 2nd - Nathaniel Bacon's Birthday - Nathaniel was born on January 2, 1647. He was a rich colonist and plantation owner in Jamestown. He is best known as "The Rebel" this name came about in an incident known as the "Bacon Rebellion" to learn more about the rebellion and the role Nathaniel Bacon played in history check out this website!

January 3rd - Alaska becomes the 49th State - On January 3, 1959, Alaska joined the union and became the 49th state. President Eisenhower endorsed Alaska as a state. Several incidents prevented Alaska from becoming a state including a war that lasted nearly 10 years. Alaska's early years are really interesting and if you want to learn more click on this link to learn all about it.

January 3rd - Marcus Tullius Cicero's Birthday - Cicero was many things a Politian, lawyer, military man and even a writer in addition to several other things. He was a man who wore many hats as the saying goes. He was born on January 3, 106 B.C.

January 3rd - Lucretia Mott's Birthday - Lucretia was born on January 3, 1793. She was a Quaker woman she acted as a woman's political advocate. Mott founded two anti-slavery groups and made famous speeches that became a part of history. She led an interesting life and her she fought for her beliefs, which made her a very important woman in American history.

January 4th - Isaac Newton's Birthday - Isaac Newton was a genius and one of the most influential men in history. He was a mathematician, inventor, astronomer and a philosopher among many other things. He was born on January 4, 1643. He was credited with several scientific advancements in addition to all the other skills he had and used to better the scientific community.

January 4th - Louis Braille's Birthday - If the word Braille rings a bell that is because Louise Braille invented the Braille system to help blind people read and write. Louise was born on January 4, 1809. He was also blind at the age of 3 he had an accident in his father's workshop that left him blind. He was an incredible brave man that would not let anything get in his way of learning not even his blindness.

January 4th - Utah Joined the Union - On January 4, 1876, Utah became the 45th state to join the union. Utah was one of the last states to join the union because of the Mormon beliefs. To learn more about why Utah was one of the last states to join the union.

January 5th - Zebulon Pike's Birthday - Zebulon was born on January 5, 1779. He was known as an explorer and an American solider. He is most famous for expedition, which included a large mapped area for the Southern Louisiana Purchase. People had a lot of unanswered questions about Zebulon Pike's life and adventures and you can find out some of those answers for yourself by visiting this website.

January 5th - The National Audubon Society was Founded - Founded on January 5, 1905 it was dedicated to the nature conservancy. It is an American non-profit organization that was named after John James Audubon an American naturalist who spent his time writing descriptions of birds in North America and painting. If you want to learn more about the Audubon society and how you can help make a difference in the lives of birds effected by, things such as the oil spill visit this website.

January 6th - Jon of Arc's Birthday - Jon of Arc has a few names the two most notable are Saint Jon of Arc and Jeanne d'Arc. It is believed by many thousands of people from all walks of life that she had visions God and in one vision, he told her to "secure the homeland." At the time there was a battle going on at Orleans. Within 9 days after arrive she single handedly ended the battle within nine short days.

January 6th - New Mexico Joined the Union - On January 6, 1912, New Mexico joined the union becoming the 47th state. There were many reasons why it took so long for New Mexico to join the union a few of the reasons include; the people voted against it, many of the people did not speak English. In addition, many of the people were Native Americans who were not ready to join the union believing it would separate them and their land would be taken.

January 6th - President Franklin D. Roosevelt & the "Four Freedom" Speeches - On January 6, 1941. The speeches were about Freedom of Fear, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Economic Security. These speeches were not just for American but also for the entire world.

January 7th - Announcement of the Hydrogen Bomb - on January 7, 1953, President Harry Truman made the announcement that the United States had developed a Hydrogen Bomb or an H-Bomb. This was later used to bring about a swift end to World War II.

January 7th - Millard Fillmore's Birthday - Millard Fillmore was the 13th President of the United States. He was born on January 7, 1880. Fillmore became president when President Zachary Taylor passed away during office.

January 7th - Galileo's Discovery - Galileo discovered not one but four moons on planet Jupiter on January 7, 1610. Galileo was an amazing man of his time discovering four moons on a planet should have been enough but he made several other fascinating discovers in his lifetime.

January 8th - 14th is Letter Writing Week.- Lesson Plans, Resources, Worksheets

January 8th - No Child Left Behind Act - On January 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act into law. The act was created to make sure that every child in America received the education that they deserve; you can learn more about this by visiting this website.

January 9th - President Richard Nixon's Birthday - Former president Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913. Nixon was the nation's 37th president. President Nixon had a colorful presidency that was a lot like his life. To

January 9th - Connecticut joins the Union - On January 9, 1788, Connecticut ratified the US Constitution and became the 5th state to join the union. To learn more about the events that lead to Connecticut joining the union and about the state of Connecticut visit this website.

January 10th - Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" - Thomas Paine was a famous author. On January 10, 1776, he published a booklet called "Common Sense" that helped to spread the word about independence and the American Revolution. He was a very smart man with many ideas.

January 11th - John Hancock's Birthday - John Hancock was one of the most influential men in American history so much so when a person's signature is asked for they may say, "Put your John Hancock here please." John Hancock was born on January 11, 1737. He was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence.

January 11th - Amelia Earhart Day - Every year on January 11th people celebrate the brave woman named Amelia Earhart who ventured out in 1935 for a 2-day solo plane ride across the Pacific Ocean and sadly was never heard from again.

January 11th - The Grand Canyon is named a National Monument - On January 11, 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt declared the Grand Canyon a national monument. Later in 1919, it became a National Park, which means it cannot be harmed or destroyed in any way.

January 12th - Charles Perrault's Birthday - Charles was born on January 12, 1682. He was a popular French children's book author his books included "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Sleeping Beauty".

January 12th - Jack London's Birthday - Jack London was born on January 12, 1876. He was another popular author he published over 50 books one of the most popular was called "Call of the Wild" he spent his life living in London and creating wonderful pieces of literature.

January 13th - David Wiseman's Birthday - Another popular children's author and illustrator. He was born on January 13, 1916. His books can be found by doing a Google search. Little information about him is available after 94 years!

January 14th - The American Revolutionary War Finally Ends - The war ended on January 14, 1783 with a peace signing. For more information on the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 visit this website where you can read all about it.

January14th - Benedict Arnold's Birthday - Benedict Arnold is probably one of the most famous men in history. He was born on January 14, 1741. He was many things a general in the Continental Army and a traitor.

January 15th - Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday - Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He is one of the most important African American men in history. He was a leader of the Civil rights movement and his speech "I have Dream" will be part of history for the eternity.

January 16th- National Freedom of Religion Day - This day marks the separation of the church from the state from the adaptation of the Virginia Stature of religious freedom. To learn more about this event visit this website.

January 17th - Benjamin Franklin's Birthday - Benjamin Franklin was another man who had a huge impact on American history. He was a founding father an inventor and a writer among other things. He was born on January 17, 1706 to learn even more about one of America's founding fathers checkout this website.

January 18th - Martin Luther King Day - Every third Monday in the month of January is a day of remembrance for Martin Luther King. All federal and state buildings and some local business and of course all schools close to honor his memory.

January 18th - A.A. Milne's Birthday - Born on January 18, 1882 an author that created some of the best loved characters of all time Winnie- the- Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and the rest of the gang.

January 19th - Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday - An American poet and story writer whose work includes some of the most famous poems of our time including the "The Raven." His work is still taught in classrooms across America today 161 years after his death! He was born on January 19, 1809. To read some of his work and learn more about his life visit this website.

January 23rd is Measure Your Feet Day- Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, Worksheets

January 23rd is National Handwriting Day - Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, Worksheet

January 25th - The California Gold Rush Begins - On January 25, 1848 flakes of gold was discovered by James Marshal. Once the news traveled to other area, the Gold rush was in full swing with hundreds of thousands of people coming to California in search of their own gold.

January 25th - The First Winter Olympics - January 25, 1924 was a big day for sports lovers. The very first winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France. The events included skating, bobsledding, ice hockey and skiing.

January 26th - Michigan Becomes a State - On January 26, 1837, Michigan became the 26th state to enter the union.

January 27th - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Birthday - Born on January 27, 1756 he is still considered one of the greatest composers of classical music of our time. To learn about his life and music you can check out the website called the Mozart project.

January 27th - Lewis Carroll's Birthday - A popular author born on January 27, 1832 he wrote the books "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass. He was also a clergyman and a mathematician.

January 29th is National Puzzle Day

January 29th - William McKinley's Birthday - Born on January 29, 1843 he was the 25th President of the United States. He was shot and by a mental ill man while he waited in line at the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition. He died eight days later on September 14, 1901.

January 29th - Kansas Becomes a State - Kansas was admitted to the union on January 29, 1861 becoming the 34th state.

January 30th - Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Birthday - The 32nd President of the United States was born on January 30, 1882.

January 31st - U.S. Satellite Launched Successfully - On January 31, 1958, the United States launched the first satellite from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was called the Explorer I.