Basic Measurement Worksheets

A huge array of measurement worksheets for students. They are all aligned to the core curriculum and come in very handy. We have all the way from simple conversions to actually reading tools. We hope you find them valuable.

Fun with Measurement
This is as basic as it gets.

Addition and Subtraction of Units of Measure

Patterns in Measurement
Find the patterns in the sets.

Measurement in the Halves
Start using fraction with units.

Random Measurement Questions
A real mixed bag for students.

Write in Scientific Notation or Standard Form
Convert between these two forms of notation.

Multiples and Equivalent Units
This one is great for common skills.

Comparing Units of Time
Greater than, less than with time units.

Units and Their Differences
We focus on the difference between inches and feet.

The Largest Metric Measurements
Compare 3 measures.

Reference Charts

The Smallest Metric Measurements
Find the smallest set in the case.

Measurement Abbreviations Chart
Great for students to have by them when learning a new unit of measure.

Metric System Variables and Prefix Chart
A quick print out that answers those simple metric questions.

Complete Measurement Curriculum
This is everything you need from top to bottom.

Unit Conversion

We cover a great range of skills that switch U.S. and metric units.

Mixed Unit Conversion
A solid mix of units.

Comparing Units of Measurement
Basic metric measurements.

Mixed Unit Conversion 2
This is a second version because you can never have too much practice on these.

Units of Distance Centimeters
km, cm, ft, mm, inch, yard.

Mixed Units Conversion of Time
We focus on time here. The goals is to convert to seconds.

Units of Distance - Focus on Feet and Inches
Keys are provided.

Mixed Metric Unit Conversion
Focus here is on metric units.

Metric Units of Distance - mm, m, km, yards
Time to go solely metric.

Mixed Simple Unit Conversion
This should be their first taste of changing units.

Simple Conversion of Units of Temperature
Always comes in handy when visiting other countries.

Measurement Conversion of Liquid Volume
Liter, pints, quarts, gallon, mL

Temperature -Conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit (Hard)
We throw in the negative temperatures here.

Weight and Mass - Focus on Pounds
U.S. Standard units are mostly used.

Conversion of Liquid Volume Units of Measurement
Liters, ml, oz., qt., pt.

Metric Units of Mass and Weight
A most for science classes.

Comparing Units of Time
Days, minutes, seconds, hours.

Measurement Word Problems

These worksheets work on measurement skills that require observation. These are great for test preparation.

Reading Tools of Measurement Pack
Aligned directly to the CORE curriculum.

Mixed Measurement Word Problems (Hard)
This are harder by the core standards.

Mixed Measurement Word Problems (Simple)
This really get it started for you.

Measurement Word Problems Involving Units Length
Focuses entirely on distance.

Visual Measurement Worksheets

These worksheets work on measurement skills that require observation. These are great for test preparation. We use standard diagram formats that they will see on exams.

Measuring Temperature Hot or Cold
Read the thermometers.

Which Holds Less?
Another take on capacity.

Measuring Lines in Inches
Break out your ruler and get to work!

Which Is The Heavier Object?
Take a glance at a set and decide on the relative mass.

This is a great treasure to have, if you are working on these skills.

Greatest to Least Capacity
This is a sorting activity.

Which Holds More?
This is an estimation based on what the students are presented with.

Estimating Weight
Guess the relative weight.

Which Set Holds Less?
A quick visual estimate.

Estimate Length
Decide which units work best for objects.

Which Can Hold More?
Try to understand the capacity.

Estimate and Compare Length Visually
Students like this one!

Heavy to Light
Sort the items by their appearance.


Grade Leveled Measurement Worksheets

These worksheets are from our "Do Now" and Grade Level aligned section. As always everything is perfectly aligned to the Core curriculum.

Preschool through Grade 2

A somewhat related concept that students will understand.

Measuring Length in 3 Units
A simple break into the concept of measuring.

Counting Tally Marks
Making tallies is a great related skill set to have.

Measuring Length in/cm
A simple concept to start it all.

Amusement Park Word Problems
All measures are closely related to the concept here.

Grade 3 through Grade 6

Divide Shapes into Equal Parts
This starts the concept of symmetry.

Weight Word Problems
A simple break into the concept of measuring.

Rectangular Word Problem
This one has a number of great applications.

Pounding Word Problem
A quick story problem and a quotient refresher.

Length Based Word Problems
Word problems with units, what else could be better?

Volume of Rectangular Prisms
We get into volume concepts.

Real Life Word Problems
They involve a great deal of related concepts.

Resizing and Math (Scale)
Some scaled geometry for you.

How Many Blocks Apart? Real World Coordinate
Using a coordinate grid to measure.

Finding Equal Measures of Volume
Simple metric conversions.

Middle School

Surface Area
We give you some measures, find all the other sides.

Scientific Notation
Notation overlaps measurement often, so we threw it in.

Hard Time Based Word Problems
Involves a lot of driving.

Temperature Changes and Isolating Variables
Temp. conversions.

Measurement Teacher Resources

Here are a number of resources that can be a great deal of help when you are planning your lessons.

  1. Koala Lou Measurement
  2. Logic Puzzle Worksheet: The Basket Case
  3. Time to lend NASA a hand
  4. Measurement Lesson Plans
  5. Measurement Worksheet Maker
  6. Measurement Teaching Theme
  7. Math Measurement Subject Sites