April Monthly Teacher Series

- April Events
- Motivates Students

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April Helpers

April Monthly Helpers

- Basic Vocabulary
- All Related To April

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April Printable Worksheets

In this section of our site you will find hundreds of worksheets all related to the month of April. For a full lesson series see our April Lesson Series.

Easter Worksheets

  1. April Monthly Helpers Workbook
  2. Easter Theme Collection
  3. Easter Phonics Consonant Blends
  4. Easter Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  5. Easter Vocabulary Words and Definitions Quiz
  6. Egg Wrap (circumference, measurement & estimating)
  7. Letter and Sound Recognition Workbook
  8. Writing Starters: Vol. 8, April Theme

Earth Day Worksheets

  1. Earth Day Teaching Resources
  2. Earth's History, Earth Day, and Clean Water
  3. Even Kids Can Help the Earth! Lesson Set
  4. Earth's Features
  5. If I Were A.... ?
  6. Maze
  7. Reading Comprehension
  8. Seasons
  9. Solar and Wind Power: Clean Energy
  10. Venn Diagram: Comparing Earth and its Moon
  11. Vocabulary Quiz
  12. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  13. Who Knew Mother Earth Has So Many Problems?
  14. Word Search

Easter Theme Workbook

- Reading Comprehension
- You'll Love It!

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Earth Day

Earth Day Series

- Earth's History
- How Can We Help?

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Inventors and Explorers Day Worksheets

  1. Bank On It!
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Do The Research!
  4. Famous Explorers Cartier, Cortez, Dagama
  5. Famous Explorers Cabot, Ponce de Leon, Smith
  6. Famous Explorers Columbus & Magellan
  7. Famous Explorers Marco Polo & Henry Hudson
  8. Famous Inventors: Bell & Edison Worksheets
  9. Famous Inventors: Biro, Ginsburg, & Whitney
  10. Famous Inventors: Benjamin Franklin & Ford
  11. I Can Live Without It!
  12. Invention Timeline
  13. Inventor Biography Worksheet
  14. Inventors: Gutenberg, Morse & Wright Bros.
  15. Then and Now...

Arbor Day Worksheets

  1. Arbor Day Lesson Plan
  2. Arbor Day Teaching Theme
  3. Arbor Day Worksheets
  4. Arbor Day: Do The Research Worksheet
  5. Arbor Day Vocabulary List & Definitions
  6. Arbor Day Vocabulary Quiz
  7. Arbor Day Word Chop Worksheet
  8. Arbor Day Word Scramble
  9. Arbor Day Word Search Worksheet
  10. Bank on It Worksheet
  11. Cyber-Starters, Trees Workbook
  12. Farm Animals Theme Workbook
  13. Farm Worksheets
  14. Science Literacy- Animals, Arbor Day
  15. Comparing Flowering and Non-Flowering Plants

Spring Teacher Series

- Spring Reading
- Writing Activities

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Awesome Phonics Sets

- Super Fast!
- Easy To Use!

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Phonics Worksheets

  1. Beginning Sounds Quiz
  2. Identify, Color The Vowel Sounds: Dog
  3. Long And Short Vowels: A
  4. Long Vowels, Compound Words, and Contractions
  5. Phonics Assorted Skills, Vol. 2
  6. Phonics Consonant Blends and H Digraphs
  7. Phonics Word Searches, Challenge: able
  8. Sounds Like: Word Beginnings Version 1
  9. Sounds Worksheet: A to D
  10. Word Families Workbook

Vocabulary Worksheets

  1. Kindergarten Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  2. First Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  3. Second Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  4. Third Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  5. Fourth Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  6. Fifth Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  7. Sixth Grade Vocabulary Words Worksheets
  8. How to Learn New Vocabulary Words Quickly
  9. Top 10 Tips for Teaching New Vocabulary Words
  10. Words Used Frequently (W.U.F.)

Math Word Problem Day Worksheets

  1. Word Problems Series: Basic Problems
  2. Word Problem Worksheet Basic 1
  3. Word Problem Worksheet Basic 2
  4. Word Problem Worksheet Basic 3
  5. Word Problem Worksheet Basic 4
  6. Word Problem Worksheet Basic 5
  7. Word Problem Worksheet Basic: Flower
  8. Word Problem Worksheet Intermediate 1
  9. Word Problem Worksheet Intermediate 2

Book Day Worksheets

  1. Gingerbread Surprise!
  2. Gingerbread Surprise! Question Sheet
  3. Martin The Monkey
  4. My Rocket Ship
  5. Reading Comprehension: Animals
  6. Reading Comprehension: General
  7. Reading Comprehension Theme
  8. The Mists of Avalon: Multiple Choice
  9. The Mists of Avalon: Reading Passage
  10. The Mists of Avalon: Short Answer

Following Directions Day Worksheets

  1. Classroom Rules: Elementary Level
  2. Classroom Rules: High School Level
  3. Classroom Rules: Middle Level
  4. Elementary Following Directions Pack
  5. Following Directions Middle Level Pack
  6. Following Directions High School Level Pack
  7. Learning Contract Maker
  8. Kite Worksheet
  9. Map Worksheet
  10. Snowman Worksheet
  11. Fruit Stand Worksheet
  12. Store Worksheet

Writing For Fun Day

  1. Autobiography Entry (facts)
  2. Autobiography Entry (important days)
  3. Autobiography Entry (hobbies)
  4. Autobiography Entry (accomplishments)
  5. Autobiography Entry (hopes and fears)
  6. Autobiography Entry (short term goals)
  7. Descriptive Writing Guide
  8. Expository Writing Guide
  9. Narrative Writing Guide
  10. Persuasive Writing Guide
  11. Writing Responses to Literature Guide
  12. Technical Writing Guide

Super Duper Worksheets

- Take A Quick Look!
- 50,000+ Printables

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Puzzle Makers

- Your Words, Your Way!
- Takes Only Seconds!

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