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Planet Earth Vocabulary Quiz


Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. ozone Any area of land with specific natural features.
2. atmosphere the center part of the Earth.
3. equator A specific area of the earth that falls between the core and the crust.
4. rotation The specific gas that surrounds the earth.
5. mantle The outer layer of the earth's surface.
6. drought (drouth) to treat (waste products) for reuse or so as to recover reusable materials.
7. core Large areas of salt water that surround much of the earth's surface.
8. revolution A type of oxygen that is produced by electricity and is in the air, mostly after a thunderstorm.
9. recycle The made up line around the earth that shows how far the North and South poles are.
10. erosion The central like the earth revolves around.
11. terrain A prolonged period of time without rainfall.
12. axis The process of moving around a center or axis.
13. crust The gradual process of being eroded by natural forces.
14. ocean The act of rotating around a center or axis.

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