Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Series

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Civil Rights

Civil Rights and Immigration

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Lesson Plans

Biographies of African Americans Vol. 1 Martin Luther King, Jr. Cyber-Starters
Biographies of African Americans Vol. 2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme- Vol. 1
Black History Month - Internet Writing Martin Luther King Jr. Theme Page
Black History Month Lesson Plans Martin Luther King Jr. Teacher Worksheets
Black History Month Teaching Theme Revolutionaries of African American History
Martin Luther King Jr. Lesson Series Revol. of African American History 2
Black History Month Worksheets  


Revolutionaries of African American History

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Starters

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Celebrating MLK Day Mini-Unit
  2. Evaluating Web Sites for Bias- Students use a checklist to evaluate Web content about Martin Luther King Jr. for bias.
  3. Happy Birthday, MLK!- "Activities across the grades for learning about the life of the famous civil rights leader!"
  4. Let Freedom Ring: The Life & Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.- Visualize the historic moment of Martin Luther King's stirring "I Have a Dream" speech through text and photographs. See the crowds, hear the words, and let King's powerful imagery awaken your students' thirst for justice in the world today.
  5. Mapping Martin Luther King Jr.- Students explore places that were important in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  6. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: A Common Solution?- In what areas did Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X's ideas converge?
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. Day- Explain how investment in human capital and willingness to seek new economic opportunities produced economic improvement for African-Americans.
  8. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Clothesline Timeline- Students create a clothesline timeline depicting events in the life of Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Fact or Opinion Activity- A brief biography of Martin Luther King Jr. reinforces students' understanding of the difference between fact and opinion.
  10. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Power of Nonviolence- This lesson introduces students to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s philosophy of nonviolence and the teachings of Mohandas K. Gandhi that influenced King's views.
  11. Martin Luther King, Jr. Timeline- In the back of the book was a timeline of the major events in his life.
  12. Ordinary People, Ordinary Places: The Civil Rights Movement- Identify several of the defining events of the Civil Rights Movement, the people who participated in them, and the historic places where these events occurred.
  13. Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Martin Luther King Jr. Themes in Your Classroom- In many classrooms, Black History month begins with an insightful look into the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. This influential American had a major impact on the country and civil rights. There are several ways you can incorporate Martin Luther King Jr. themes into your classroom.
  14. Write Your Own "I Have a Dream" Speech- Students use a fill-in-the-blanks work sheet to write speeches that imitate the form and content of Dr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.
History 2

Revolutionaries of African American History 2

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme

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