Lesson Plan : Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Teacher Name:
 Dee Chong
 Grade 2

 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
 After studying about Martin Luther King, Jr. these activities will test the student's knowledge about Martin Luther King Jr., his life, his role in the Civil Right's movement, and some other important people who played an active role in the Civil Right's Movement.
 The goal is for students to be able to have gained the knowledge of the Civil Right's Movement, key players including Martin Luther King, Jr. Students should be knowledgeable of Martin Luther King Jr. and his role in the Civil Right's Movement.
 Students will be able to work on the actvities independently and learn about the lesson through the activities.
 three different worksheets derived from the Internet: Word scramble, multiple choice quiz, coloring page with a small biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will need: crayons, markers, a pencil, eraser.
 Martin Luther King, Jr. day is on Monday, there is no school because this is a special holiday. Today will be some fun activities about Martin Luther King Jr. and the students can see why this holiay is so special to americans nationwide.
 I will start out reading a small portion of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech" and will put two words on the board that pertain to the lesson. The words will be scrambled. I will involve the students in the introduction to this lesson to get them involved. I will also show the students my picture that I colored myself of Martin Luther King Jr. This will demonstrate my imperfections in my coloring ability of the picture.
 Together, along with the students in class, we will review some important events in a sample multiple choice quiz that I will go over each question with the students and have them raise their hands with the right answer and share it with the class. This will last 15 minutes.
 For students with special needs, I will be monitoring progress. Those who need additional help, I will be devoting time to the students who need help. If they are unable to finish in the time alotted, then maybe I will have the students work half of each activity so they do not feel singled out if they cannot finish it.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the lesson concludes, I will ask questions as to what the students learned from these activities.
 To wrap it up, I will explain the purpose of this lesson: to give the students a better understanding as to what civil rights are and what they stand for. Also, why Martin Luther King Jr. played such an important role in helping change this movement. What he stood for, and if things changed after his death.
 I will be looking over all of the worksheets and grading each student based on if they understood the assignment. My goal is that the students understand who Martin Luther King Jr is, what he stood for.
Teacher Reflections:
 After this lesson, I have a better understanding of Martin Luther King Jr is and what the National Holiday means to Americans everywhere. I believe this lesson was appropriate in making the students understand what African Americans had to endure for their civil rights.

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