Lesson Plan : Martin Luther King & Jim Crow Laws

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 Mr. Wick
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Jim Crow Laws and Martin Luther King Jr's Civil Disobedience
 Jim Crow Laws Passive Resistence Civil Disobedience
 Students will have an understanding of what the Jim Crow laws were and how these laws were resisted. They will have an understanding of how Martin Luther King Jr influenced the resistance to these unfair laws.
 Students will work together as a team to find a way to resist the unfair rules given in the class through civil disobedience and passive resistence. Students will be able to write a 2 page paper describing their experience comparing it to the Jim Crow Laws during Martin Luther King Jr's time.
 TV DVD Player Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream (1986)DVD Unsharpened pencils Mechanical Pencils Blank paper 1 Pencil sharpener
 I will tell the students that I have an activity that involves splitting the class in half. The side that finishes first will receive 5 extra minutes of free time at the end of the day in the class room.
 I will hand out a blank piece of paper to the class. I will tell the students that they must write down the five terms that I have on the board using the pencils that I give them and that for this exercise they cannot use their own pencils or pens. I will also inform them that there will be a pencil sharpener at the front of the classroom for anyone who needs it and that only one person may be up from their seat at any given time to use the pencil sharpener. Students must raise their hand to be allowed to use the pencil sharpener. when a student has completed copying the terms on the board they must put their heads down on their desks.
 I will then announce and hand out the mechanical pencils to the left side of the classroom and the unsharpened pencils to the left side of the classroom. When 1/2 of the students on the left side of the classroom have their head down I will interrupt the exercise and ask students to stop writing. At this point I will ask them to give me their thoughts on what just happened... Was it fair? what was fair or unfair about it? Both sides had pencils, though the class was separated by sides they both received pencils both must have had an equal opportunity to complete the assignment, etc. I will then show the film "Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream" and highlight specific examples of the Jim Crow laws and the different protest methods that Dr. King employed. After this short highlight session I will ask if the students realized that they were experiencing their own version of the Jim Crow Laws. For the next part of the activity I will ask the class as a whole to imagine that they were all given unsharpened pencils and that another class in the school was given the mechanical pencils. The job of the class is to work together as a team to find a way to protest the rules without resorting to violence. After they class has several ideas I will excerpts from the "I have a dream" speech and ask if anyone has any questions about the exercise or what they just watched.
Checking For Understanding:
 During this exercise I will observe the class to see that they are participating and working together as a team. Each person should be listening and trying to help eachother in a constructive manner to come up with a way to protest the unfair rules given. The student question and answer period will also help me to assess how many students are grasping the concept of the lesson. For the writing homework assignement I will grade according to the following ruberic: Assignment completion : 2 pages complete = 3 points 1 1/2 pages complete = 2 points 1 page = 1 point <1 page = 0 points Displayed Knowledge: shows complete understanding of topic and integrates class experience with historical text & film = 3 points Shows conciderable knowledge relating to the topic, may have some trouble integrating the exercise with the history text = 2 points Shows some understanding of the subject matter however the paper is lacking integration between the text and the class exercise = 1 point Shows a complete lack of understanding with regard to the assignment = 0 points 5-6 points = A 3-4 points = B 2 Points = c 1 Point = D 0 Point = F
 I will go over the terms I want the students to have learned "Passive Resistence", "Civil Disobeience", and "Jim Crow Laws". I will ask students how they think what they just watched is similar to what they experienced. I will announce that the entire class receives the 5 extra minutes of free time at the end of class for the day.
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