Lesson Plan Title : A Play of Dr. King's Life

Age Range: Grade 6 through grade 8 (Middle School)

Overview and Purpose: In this multi-sensory lesson, students research events in Dr. King's life and choose one to write a short play about. They then use props and costumes to act out their play.

Objective: The student will be able to work with a group to write a short play about a major event in Dr. King's life.


Internet access for each group of students

Various props students can use for their plays


Divide students into groups and have them use the Internet to research Dr. King's life. Have them look for a major event that they would like to write the play about. When you have approved the event, have the group work together to write a short play. They should include the date, location, and main characters.

After they have finished writing their play, have them practice acting it out so they can present it to the class. Encourage them to use costumes and props in their play. When all the groups are ready, have the students present their plays in the order the events happened.

Wrap Up:

You could also consider coordinating with teachers in younger classrooms and have your students present their plays to them. You could also videotape each group's play and watch them later as a class.