Lesson Plan : Civil Rights Movement and Voting

Teacher Name:
 Wanda Kindell
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Civil RightsMovement and Voting in Toay's Society
 civil rights Civil Rights Movement Voting Rights Act E.D. Nixon Rosa Parks Martin Luther King,Jr. Jim Crow Laws Sit-Ins Freedom Riders Civil Rights Activists Lydon Johnson Bloody Sunday Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Brown Chapel A.M.E
 Students will develop a timeline that outlines events and key people during the Civil Rights Movement and explain how this movement impacts voting in today's society.
 A KWL Chart will be used to determine students' level of background knowledge. Students will explain what a timeline is and use their on experience to create one to demonstate understanding of a timeline. Students will work in groups to reseach some of the key events and report/teach classmates about knowledge obtained.
 Guest Speakers www.civilrightmemorialcenter.com presentations from various websites
 Ask the question:"What was the Civil Rights Movement?" Have students draw cards that read White or Black. Select an issue that requires a decision be made by class vote and only allow students with cards marked "White" to vote. Then have a class discussion about how the activity made you feel among all class participants. Introduce the terms civil rights, Civil Rights Movement,discrimination, and Jim Crow Laws.
 Explain all the terms introduced and cite/show examples
 Students will work cooperatively to determine if selected slides from a Power Point Presentation are examples of discrimation. Students will also be given definitions randomly and they will work with group members to match the words with the definitions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will write a response to today's lesson which outlines what they learned,what additional information would they like to know, and what questions they had about today's activity.
 If students have demonstrated throught their reflections/feedback they've grasped understanding of terms introduced in this initial lesson,then I will feel good about the level of background knowledge they currently have.
Teacher Reflections:

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