Lesson Plan : Martin Luther King Jr.

Teacher Name:
 Victoria Albers
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Martin Luther King Jr.
 Martin Luther King Jr. The "I Have a Dream" speech The March On Washington Ideals for Civil Rights
 Students recognize major contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. to the Civil Rights Movement. Gain understanding of reason for peace march and message behind the "I have a Dream" speech.
 Work in a group to create common goals. Discover how difficult it can be to take a stand for something you believe in and want to change.
 Tape of "I have a dream" speech, tape player, poster board, markers, wooden dowels to hold posters, Book about Martin Luther King Jr. and his March on Washington, paper to create pamphlets and worksheet on MLK JR.
 Have students listen to the "I have a dream" speech on tape. Encourage them to listen for the emotion and conviction in his voice.
 Discuss the message of the speech. Move on to ideals from speech and Martin Luther King Jr.'s contributions to Civil Rights. Read about the peaceful March on Washington.
 Discuss and list on board: ideals desires and needs of humans Do a worksheet on the basic ideas and principles of MLK Jr. and his works on civil rights.
 One group will act as onlookers, and if moved to do so, may join effort, other group will do a peaceful demonstration and speech. Then they will reverse roles the next day. This will be done outside.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment will take place with speech and mission statement pamphlets. Also the worksheets will be graded for accuracy of understanding of basics.
 Aks each group to share how they felt about stanidng up for something they believed in, and how they felt witnessing the other groups demonstration.
Teacher Reflections:

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