Calculator Use Lesson Plans

  1. Calculating Hourly Wages - Students will learn the proper way to calculate hourly wages including taxes,and tips, etc.
  2. Check Register - Parts of a check register that need to be filled out. Parts of check register to be filled out when making deposits.
  3. Continued Fractions With A Calculator- To learn how to evaluate Continued Fractions by taking many reciprocals with a calculator.
  4. Introducing Calculators: A K-2 Computer Activity- Students work in small groups to record how many pets each has, then use calculators to find the total number of pets owned by students in the entire group.
  5. Introduction to Polynomial Functions - To show students the differences between classes of polynomials, and how to classify polynomials.
  6. Let's Shop - Students will be able to add up the price of merchandise to find the total cost.
  7. Making Multiplication Tables - Construct a multiplication grid on cardboard paper to use a reference while learning the multiplication table.
  8. Math Shopping Spree - Adding and subtracting whole numbers up to four digits.
  9. Using the Graphing Calculator- The goal is not merely to speed up traditional assignments, or to check answers obtained by other means, or to have access to a magic tool which can answer questions the students do not yet have. The goal is to deepen students' understanding.
  10. Writing in Scientific Notation - Understanding the use of sci notation on a calculator.