Lesson Plan : Check Register

Teacher Name:
 Patricia Schafer
 Grade 9-10

 How to Use a Check Register
 Parts of a check register that need to be filled out. Parts of check register to be filled out when making deposits. Parts of check register to be filled out when writing checks. Vocabularly: Check Register, deposit, withdrawal, bounced check
 When given amounts to use for checks and deposits, students will be able to write that information into the correct spaces on the check register.
 Student will enter information into the check register with 100% accuracy.
 Whiteboard register. Practice checks, deposit slips and check register. Worksheet for practice.
 We have been learning about different aspects of the checking account over the past week. We learned about deposit slips. WHo can tell what we use a deposit slip for? We learned about checkwriting. Who can tell what we use checks for? We learned about the check register. Who can tell us what the chek register is?
 We're going to review the check register to freshen everyone's mind after the long weekend off. Let's fill out the register on the white board first. I want you to watch for any mistakes I might make! We complete sample scheck and deposit entries on the whiteboard together. Then each student receives their check book. WE go over the parts. ANy questions?
 A worksheet is given to the students. We do number one together. Any questions?
 Olivia, Chris, Deja: calculators Ashley: additional problems
Checking For Understanding:
 Will grade work produced today. Will review with students next day.
 Today, after practicing the checkbook using worksheets, we had the opportunity to use the real thing. Did it feel different to you?
Teacher Reflections:

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