Lesson Plan : Writing in Scientific Notation

Teacher Name:
 Margaret Dickerhoff
 Grade 6

 Scientific Notation
 Math - Using decimals and powers of 10 Scientific Notation
 To write very large numbers using scientific notation To write very small numbers using scientific notation To explore the calculator notation of the TI-73 Explorer Plus
 The learner will write very large and very small numbers in scientific notation.
 TI-73 Explorer Plus calculator per student overhead
 Develop meaning for term by building a definition of notation, then scientific to mean science writing. Prompt students to find a reason why scientists might need a shorthand to write very large or very small numbers.
 Using rounded examples, give several examples of very large numbers such as 93,000,000 ( distance of earth from sun), and very small numbers such as an angstrom( .0000000001 meters used to measure sub-atomic particles) Demonstrate samples and how they are displayed on the calculator. Input the same examples and recognize the special calculator keys that represent X 10 (EE) and the way they print to the screen.
 Guide students to complete samples by placing the decimal properly after the first digit, any additional digits that follow, X 10 and the power ( the # of digits that follow the decimal. Include 2 samples of very small numbers that include negative powers of numbers
 Divide class into 2 parts and have one side of the class write the very large numbers, the other side write the very small numbers and present results to the class. Students use calculators to input numbers and see if the output corresponds
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask for students to volunteer explanations of the steps involved in writing numbers in Scientific Notation
 Review of steps for writing numbers using scientific notation
 Ticket Out of Here. Write 1 number in scientific notation on a 3 x 5 card and hand it in when leaving the class
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