Lesson Plan : Calculating Hourly Wages

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10

 Calculating Hourly Wages
 CA.Content Standard 2.8- Make precise calculations and check the validity of the results form the context of the problem.
 Students will learn the proper way to calculate hourly wages including taxes,and tips, etc.
 Students will use calculators to calculate hourly wages.
 Pencil,paper,white boards,calculators.
 Teacher will introduce new vocabulary words: wages,calculate,tips,hourly,gross pay,net pay,taxes
 1.Teacher will ask "How do you calculate your hourly wages from your pay check?" 2.Teacher: "Who knows what the word "wages" means?" 3. Teacher introduce the other vocabulary words: tips,calculate,hourly,gross pay,net pay,taxes 4. Teacher will demonstrate the proper way to calculate hourly wages using a calculator. 5.Teacher will write additional problems on the classroom board 6. Teacher will ask students to try one problem on their own on their white boards.
 1. Students will demonstrate calculating hourly wages on their white boards. 2. Teacher will walk around the classroom to answer questions and monitoring students actions. 3. Classroom aide Ms.Brady will assist teacher and students during this exercise.
 Students will be given additional time to complete class work. Students will be able to use calculators to solve problems. Some students will given 3 to 5 problems in order to complete assignments.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will walk around the room to check for understanding. On Wednesday a quiz will given. Students will be allow to work in small groups in order to help other peers. Daily homework assignments will be given. Test will given on Friday in two weeks. Teacher will constantly ask students to explain calculating progress.
 Teacher will constantly ask students to explain calculating progress. Teacher will review calculating process,new vocabulary words,and CA. Content Standards
 Quiz on Wednesday Test on Friday Daily homework assignments
Teacher Reflections:
 I really enjoyed teaching this lesson. I believe that it was really important to learn this skill it will help them in their lives. Most of these students will go to work in the next few years.

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