Lesson Plan : Math Shopping Spree

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. L. Bland
 Grade 4

 Adding and subtracting whole numbers up to four digits.
 1.To introduce students to math that applies to everyday situations using the internet. 2.To improve computer literacy skills. 3.Learn what a budget is and comprehend the importance of a budget.
 Students should work independently to while gathering data and performing math functions. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of computers and the internet by operating a computer system, including the mouse, keyboard and calculator.
 Computer, paper, pencil
 Introduce students to internet shopping by giving them examples of things they would be able to purchase online, such as toys, games, movies, cd's... Explaine to the students what a budget is and its importance.
 Give the students a budget of $1000. Give them a list of appropriate sites for them to shop on, such as Toys R Us and Disney. Have them make a list of the items they wish to buy on these sites, recording the name of the item and the URL where it can be found. Explain that they can have no more than 15 items. Once they reach their limit have them tally their total. How close did they get to their budget? Did they go over? Are they under budget? If they are over budget explain they must return some items. If they are under budget tell them to choose a few more items. They then need to retally their total. Have them continue working until they are within $20 of their budget (they can be $20 over or under).
 For students with speacial needs use a smaller budget. Also, allow them to use play money to keep track of their spending.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the students complete the lesson review with them the meaning of a budget. Ask them how else they could use a budget and why keeping a budget is important.
Teacher Reflections:

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