Lesson Plan : Let's Shop

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Bolen
 Grade 3

 Using addition with money, to find out how much they need to buy something, as well as knowing how much change they should receive.
 Number, Number Sense and Operations. Making change up to five dollars, using both coins and paper money.
 Students will be able to add up the price of merchandise to find the total cost. Students will be able to know how much change they should be receiving.
 1. Students should be able to apply mental math skills while in the real world. 2. Students will improve their estimation skills.
 Internet access, and various items to use for selling and buying.
 Teacher will review with students decimal points and the placement of numbers with decimal points when adding. Teacher will explain that students will take turns working in the store and buying items.
 Teacher will sell the first item showing the students on the board how to add up the prices and then how to count back the change for the customer. Teacher will assist students initially.
 Students will take turns buying and selling items in the store. Another student will use a calculator to check the math.
 The website will allow for simple practice for students still working for understanding and more challenging practice for advanced students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete worksheets on making change and on finding the total cost. Teacher will also go to the shop and buy items to check the students accuracy in finding the total cost and in making change.
 Students will have a bake sale, where they are able to put their skills to the test selling bake goods to the rest of the school.
 Teacher will make multiple evaluations through practice activities, written assessments and the bake sale.
Teacher Reflections:

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