Black History Lesson Plans

  1. Biographies of African Americans, Volume 1
  2. Biographies of African Americans, Volume 2
  3. Civil Rights Time Line
  4. Cultural Exposure
  5. February Reading and Worksheet Series
  6. Local Black History
  7. Revolutionaries of African American History 1
  8. Revolutionaries of African American History 2
  9. Why Celebrate Black History Month
  10. More Black History Lesson Plans

President's Day Lesson Plans

  1. American Presidents: Obama & G. W. Bush
  2. American Presidents: Clinton & G. H. W. Bush
  3. American Presidents: Reagan, Carter, & Ford
  4. American Presidents: Nixon, LBJ, & JFK
  5. The 1st through 10th President of the USA Series
  6. The 11th through 20th President of the USA
  7. The 21st through 31st President of the USA
  8. The President's Role and Succession
  9. More President's Day Lesson Plans

Valentine's Day Lesson Plans

  1. The Ultimate Valentine's Day Series
  2. Box of Chocolate Adjectives
  3. Candy-Colored Picture
  4. Compound Word Heart Match
  5. Conversation Heart Bingo
  6. February Reading and Worksheet Series
  7. Friendship Hearts
  8. Friendship Poster
  9. Gifts for Valentine's Day
  10. Graphing Conversation Hearts
  11. I Really Love This More
  12. Lace Pictures
  13. My Favorite Valentine
  14. Sending a Valentine
  15. The Meaning of Flowers
  16. Word Family Arrows
  17. More Valentine's Day Lesson Plans

Winter Olympic Lesson Plans

  1. Fractions in the Olympics
  2. Olympic Games for Kids
  3. Olympic Training Center
  4. Nursery Rhyme Olympics

Inventors Lesson Plans

  1. Back Up
  2. Continuation of the Revolution
  3. Creatively Creating Expository Essays
  4. Famous Inventors: Bell & Edison Worksheets
  5. Famous Inventors: Biro, Ginsburg, & Whitney
  6. Famous Inventors: Benjamin Franklin & Ford
  7. From Peanuts to Peanut Butter
  8. Game Creator Extraordinaire
  9. Inventors: Gutenberg, Morse & Wright Bros.
  10. Technology and the African American Inventor
  11. More Inventors Lesson Plans

Word Problems Lesson Plans

  1. Learning About Credit Card Use
  2. Why are Word Problems So Important?
  3. Word Problems Series: Basic Problems
  4. Word Problems Workbook- Addition
  5. Word Problems Workbook- Multiplication
  6. Word Problems Workbook- Subtraction
  7. More Word Problem Lesson Plans

Weatherman's Day Lesson Plans

  1. How Does Weather Affect Us? Series
  2. Forces of Nature Lesson Series
  3. Questions Kids Have about Weather Series
  4. Cloud Watching
  5. Mad About Meteorology
  6. Tracking Local Weather
  7. More Weather Lesson Plans

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans

  1. Summer Reading Lists Program
  2. 1,500+ Reading Worksheets
  3. 3D View of Dante's Inferno
  4. A Story in Sequence
  5. Act It Out
  6. Another Visit for Gulliver
  7. Chicken Soup with Rice
  8. Clouds of Main Ideas
  9. Encouraging Student Reading and Literacy
  10. Fact or Fiction: Figuring Out Historical Fiction
  11. K- 2 Reading and Writing Lesson Guide
  12. Making a Class Book
  13. Point of View
  14. Practicing Skimming
  15. Shakespeare Said What?
  16. What is in the Paper
  17. More Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans