Valentine's / Valentines Day Lesson Plans

  • Box of Chocolate Adjectives - Students use all their senses in this chocolaty writing activity. They try to describe what their piece of candy is like in a way that the other students can recognize it.
  • Candy-Colored Picture - Students use candy conversation hearts to create colored pictures showing familiar themes for Valentine's Day.
  • Compound Word Heart Match - This matching activity helps students practice making compound words. Students make compound words by matching hearts that have been divided in half with one word written on each half.
  • Conversation Heart Bingo - In this twist on the familiar game of bingo, students write common phrases found on conversation hearts on their card. As you call out the phrases, they cover them with candy hearts. When you are finished playing, the candy hearts they used as markers are a sweet treat.
  • Friendship Hearts - Valentine's Day is a good time to focus on friendship. In this activity, students write compliments about their classmates on paper hearts. The hearts are then hung on a piece of crepe paper above the student's desk.
  • Friendship Poster - Students use Microsoft Word to create friendship posters. They create phrases using the WordArt program and then arrange those phrases on construction paper to create a poster.
  • Gifts for Valentine's Day - In this lesson, students learn how to shop based on cost per item instead of the overall cost. They practice using store circulars that offer sales on items for Valentine's Day.
  • Graphing Conversation Hearts - Students use conversation hearts to practice their graphing skills. They graph how many of each color heart they have on their desks. After they are finished, they get to eat a yummy treat.
  • Heart Disease Prevention - Students work together to create a Power Point presentation about heart disease. They are challenged to come up with not only the facts about heart disease, but also ways to prevent it.
  • Heart Healthy Food Musical Chairs - This twist on the game of musical chairs helps reinforce which foods are healthy for your heart and which foods are not.
  • Hearts in Motion - This lesson gets students up and moving. Students work in groups to develop unique activities that get their heart rate up. They then take turns completing each other's activities.
  • Hershey Kiss Paragraph - The purpose of this writing assignment is to teach the students to write about sensory details, and express their minds about the way they look at things. It's a good idea to use on Valentine's Day.
  • I Really Love This More - Students have to choose between two activities and convince their classmates which one they like the best. This will help them practice using persuasive speech.
  • Lace Pictures - Students create white pictures on a black background using paper doilies and construction paper. These pictures make great Valentine's Day gifts.
  • Mapping the Circulatory System - Students study the path of the circulatory system in this activity. They trace each other's bodies and use them to label the path of blood in the circulatory system.
  • My Favorite Valentine - In this activity, each student draws a picture for a class book about a person who is their favorite valentine. They then write one or two sentences about why they chose that person.
  • Painting in Pink and Red - Students experiment with mixing the colors of red and white together to make different hues. It is a fun way to introduce the concept of ratios.
  • Sending a Valentine - Valentine's Day provides a great opportunity for students to practice writing addresses. In this activity, they are sending Valentine's Day cards to the kindergartners in their school.
  • The Meaning of Flowers - Students learn about the age old art of sending messages through flowers. They have to put together a bouquet that conveys a message of love or friendship.
  • Valentine's Day Recipes - In this creative activity, students are challenged to think of new ways to use Valentine's Day treats. They get to create their own recipes using candy hearts, cinnamon hearts, and the many other treats available for this holiday.
  • Word Family Arrows - In this game, students have to match the correct arrows with their word family targets.

More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Detective Valentine- To improve fitness and work together while solving a valentine's day puzzle.
  2. Dia de San Valentin- Students listen and repeat common phrases associated with Valentine's Day and create a Valentine for someone, using the Spanish phrases they learned.
  3. Graphing Valentine Candies- The student will learn to organize and display information in bar graph form using appropriate labels.
  4. Heart Day- Every year near February 14th our school celebrates Heart Day.
  5. Show You Care- Students construct a four-line poem to be used on the inside of a Valentine's Day card. They use a digital camera to show themselves to their "buddies" (local nursing home patients) who will receive the cards on Valentine's Day.
  6. Symmetry- The students will use geoboards to create shapes and then show their line(s) of symmetry. The students will create a Valentine's Day card using symmetry.
  7. Top 10 Tips for Incorporating Valentine's Day Themes in Your Classroom- When many people think of Valentine's Day, they picture chocolate hearts, roses, and gushy cards. However, there are other ways that you can incorporate this romantic holiday into your classroom. Here are some fun and creative ways to add learning to the love.
  8. Valentine Volley- Neat idea!