Lesson Plan Title : 3D View of Dante's Inferno

Age Range: Grade 9 through Grade 12 (High School Level)

Overview and Purpose : After reading "Dante's Inferno", students will be encouraged to make a model that represents what the author describes as the "nine circles of hell". It will be an interesting collaborative effort.

Objective: The student will be able to work as a class to create a 3D view of Dante's Inferno.


Copies of Dante's Inferno

Materials decided on by the class to create a representation of the inferno


Have the student's work together as a class to plan and create a 3D representation of Dante's Inferno. As each level is studied have the students choose symbols to represent it. Encourage students to think beyond the obvious and to be creative. After they choose the symbols, have them decide how they want to depict them. They could bring in items, create them out of clay, or make them from other materials.

One example of a depiction could be to use a large cardboard box that has been laid flat, cut, and put back together as a cone. The different levels could be painted on the outside of the cone and objects symbolizing each one taped or stapled on. The inverted cone could then be suspended from the ceiling.


You may want to point out that this book is one person's theory of what they think hell is like, and that there are lots of opinions out there. Be ready for questions that may come up about spirituality. Remind students to express their opinions respectfully and to listen to other points of view.