Lesson Plan Title : What is in the Paper

Age Range: Grade 6 through Grade 8 (Middle School Level)

Overview and Purpose : Have you ever read a newspaper article without getting anything out of it? This can happen, when one is just skimming through. The following lesson teaches students how to look for keywords and information that will bring about a better understanding of what they are reading.

Objective: The student will be able to read an article and list the main ideas.


Several newspaper pages for each trio of students


Teacher created worksheet


Divide the class into trios and give them several pages of the newspaper. Ask them to pick out an article that they are interested in. Have them read it and highlight any unfamiliar words in yellow and the main ideas in blue. (They may need to read the article several times to find all the information.) Have them complete the worksheet and prepare a summary to present to the class. They should include the geographical location, unfamiliar vocabulary words, and the main ideas in their presentation.

Sample outline for the worksheet:

1. Location:

2. Unfamiliar vocabulary:

3. Main ideas:

4. Summary:


Students should be encouraged to all participate in presenting the summary. Have students brainstorm as a class how everyone can be involved. Talk about all types of students and include some types you do not have in your classroom. These can include students who are shy, non-readers, slower readers, and ESL students.