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World Religions Teaching Resources

  • 12 Days of Christmas - This is a fun and creative way to explore "The 12 Days of Christmas." This lesson reinforces numerical order, repetition within a song, and group effort.
  • Abiding in Jesus - This bible study is focused towards a fuller understanding of what it means for us in the 21st Cent. to abide in Jesus by a close reading of the text found in the Gospel of John 15.1-17
  1. Buddhism and the Dalai Lama - Students will apply these teachings to situations that could take place in their own lives.
  2. Dreaming to Come to America - Students examine reasons for immigration to America, including economic, political, and religious considerations, and conduct research to determine immigration history of students' families and compare reasons other groups have come to America.
  3. Having a Great Time - Wish You Were Here - This is an overview of colonial life in America focusing on the social, political, religious, and economic developments of the New England, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies.
  4. Hinduism vs. Buddhism - Students create Venn diagrams showing the differences and similarities between the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism
  5. How have world religions shaped who I am today? - How did beliefs in each of the main world religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Animism, Judaism, or Christianity influence behavior of believers?
  6. Five Major World Religions - This activity allows students to research and identify various aspects of five major world religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Students will use the World Wide Web to conduct research, recording their findings in Microsoft Word tables.
  7. Hinduism- A teacher's guide.
  8. Invitation to Religion - Students are introduced to the world's five major religions including: traits, characteristics, similarities and differences . Following discussion students create an invitation to a holiday from one of the religions they have studied.
  9. Islam - discuss how to promote understanding among people who have different traditions.
  10. Jesus and the Rise of Christianity - Students will explore how change affects different classes within a culture.
  11. Looks Like Christmas, Exploring Sight - Students explore their sense of sight, learn about the eyes and how to keep them safe, and become familiar with how to help blind people become a part of their world.
  12. Religion In Schools - Students will be able to summarize how prayer was prohibited in schools and recognize legal ways to pray in school.
  13. Religions of the World - Students begin a study of the part that religion plays in culture, by discovering how many different religions there are in the world and where they are predominantly located. This will involve reading, as well as map work.
  14. Rescue of the Jews - I want the students to know that the other countries and religions were very concerned about the Jews and also how badly the jews needed halp and protection.
  15. Sikhism - A complete overview.
  16. Smells Like Christmas, Exploring the Nose - In this lesson, students learn that the sense of smell helps us to enjoy life and learn about unsafe conditions. Students will smell Christmas by making gingerbread ornaments.
  17. The Christmas Tree, Just Where Did it Come From? - The Christmas tree is popular in most homes in the United States. We decorate our living and family rooms and outside in the yard, with trees. Just how did they become part of the American Christmas?
  18. The Disciple's Cross - The objectives are for everyone to get to know each other a little better than they did to begin.
  19. The Five Pillars of Islam - A teaching idea.
  20. The Three Doctrine & Legalism - Students will imagine themselves to be, in turn, a follower of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Legalism.
  21. The Whole World Celebrated Christmas! Right? - This lesson is for use during the weeks before the Christmas break. This will be great for middle school students. It is a comparison of the other religious holidays that are celebrated around this same time of year.
  22. World Religions - They will be taught the history of each religion, as well as, be introduced to various current events that deal with the religions.