World History Lesson Plans

Africa | Ancient Egypt | China | Japan | World Leaders | World Religions

  • Anne Frank in the World- A teacher workbook for a complete unit.
  • Exploring Countries- Given a short lecture on communication, students will find one (credible) person for each country to converse with and gather at least three important pieces of information and three experiences of that person. Given tools and a short lecture, students will create a tourism web page with links and graphics with 95% accuracy.
  1. A Time of Crisis: The Black Death - Students will pretend they are living during the time of crisis.
  2. 7 Continents, 5 Oceans - A look at all the continents and oceans across the globe.
  3. Hiroshima - Background Information - The Bombing of Hiroshima to provide background knowlege before reading Sadako.
  4. Holocaust - Students will understand the outcome of prejudices, anti-Semitism, and hate.
  5. Introduction to Aboriginal and Indigenous Studies - Students to identify basic and clear differences in modern society and Aboriginal living.
  6. Linking Musical Style To Parts Of The World - At the end of the lesson, each student will have a clear idea that their are many genres of music to appreciate and enjoy.
  7. Population growth in Europe- Students will be able to understand the importance of the environment and how it impacted history. Students will be able to identify environmental problems in history and in their surrounding environment.
  8. Prehistory: Cave Painting- Students will be able to understand the meaning of cave paintings. Student will be able to understand why early man painted on caves and why they painted certain objects.
  9. Story Maps : Clusters - To teach 9th and 10th grade students to use story maps, specifically Clusters Maps, as a strategy to conduct in-depth analyses of universal themes.
  10. Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust- Photographs, movies, sounds, and art of the holocaust.
  11. The Berlin Wall - This lesson is designed to be facilitated in an eleventh grade World History class.
  12. The 'Degenerate' Art Exhibition of 1937 - This lesson invites students to inquire into the meaning of "degenerate"/modern world art.