Lesson Plan : Rescue of the Jews

Teacher Name:
 Caitlin Whitney
 Grade 6
 Social Studies

 Different groups of people came together in order to help out the Jews.
  Different religions and countries, Poland, United States, would help hide or ferry the Jews to a safer country. Some of the Jews worked in factories which provented any kind of death.
 I want the students to know that the other countries and religions were very concerned about the Jews and also how badly the jews needed halp and protection.
 This was the most dangerous times for Jews because they were being hunted down and caged like wild beasts. It was very important that the countries participated in the rescue because it helped save a good amout of lives.
 I will be hoping to use maps and maybe have an overhead of a few bullet points.
 When Hitler took over Germany he forced all Jews into ghettos and concentration camps. The Jews needed lots of help and protection because Hitler wanted to exterminate them. This led to other countries helping the Jews in drastic ways.
 Other countries helped hide the Jews and also ferried them to Sweden for protection. Even though helping the Jews such as hiding, ferrying, and giving aid was very risky and dangerous the countries and religions came together to rescue a fellow religion.
 Think about your house and all your possesions. Now think what would happen if that all of it was taken away and you and your family ended up on the streets just because the president did not like your people. It is a nightmare because you got sent to a place where unthinkable things happen to you. Now that you are in a ghetto and it is cold and scary. You do not know what is going to happen next and you feel like you will just rot there but then you get hidden by a family and you are as safe as you can get in this situation.
Checking For Understanding:
 What happened to the Jews when they were under the Nazi control, where were they sent? What were some ways other countries and religions help?
 The fact that other countries in the world got together to help rescue the Jews shows how horrible the Holocaust was concidering most countries got together and helped. This event was a terrible one, many Jews were killed, starved, shot, homeless, and sick. It helped tremendously that the countries got together to provide comfort in a world of pain.
Teacher Reflections:

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