Lesson Plan : Abiding in Jesus (John 15.1-17)

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 Matt Hildebrand

 Abiding in Jesus.
 This bible study is focused towards a fuller understanding of what it means for us in the 21st Cent. to abide in Jesus by a close reading of the text found in the Gospel of John 15.1-17. We will ask some of the following questions: 1)What does this mean for us today? 2)How does the imagery of us as the branches, Jesus as the vine, and God as the vinedresser help us? 3)What are some of the promises of John 15.1-17?
 The desired outcome of this bible study is to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. The aim is that we might recognize how dependent we are on Jesus.
 The study is a forum whereby we can begin to ask the question: "how are we living in light of Jesus' teaching in John 15.1-17?" The desire is to effect a greater passion for Jesus as our treasure, that we would continue in the faith, and that we might be encouraged to find our sufficiency in Christ.
 The Bible. Handout (1 sheet). Group Activity - 3x5 sheets of paper & pencils.
 Brief introductions to the leader and subject material. Participants will be asked to recall a time where they felt helpless on their own. How they resolved the conflict. And to share with the group where comfortable.
 Reading of John 15.1-17.
 Group Exercise/Game: Each person is given a stack of pieces of paper. The exercise begins with everyone writing a scenerio sentence on the first sheet of paper (e.g. I went to the grocery store). Once everyone has writen something, the stack of paper is passed to the person next to you. That person reads the sentence, places the front sheet at the back, and then draws of picture representing that sentence. Once everyone has drawn a picture, the stack of paper is passed to the person next to you. This time you interpret the picture, and then write a discription. This exercise continues until each person has received their original 'story'. Each person then shares their 'story' with the group.
 Review of Theological/Exegetical implications of the John 15.1-17 text.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask for feedback/observations on the textual unit or group exercise.
 Members of the study are asked how in light of John 15.1-17 they are challenged in their lives today? What does it mean for them to abide in Jesus? Time allotted for sharing and close in prayer.
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