Lesson Plan : Religion In Schools

Teacher Name:
 Chasitey Shantele Anders

 1. The issues with religion in schools a. Teaching religion as truth b. Teaching about religion c. Creation vs. Evolution 2. Prayer in schools a. How prayer became prohibited b. Legal ways to pray in school 3. Religious studies a. Academic field
 Students will be able to express the issues with religion in schools. Students will be able to summarize how prayer was prohibited in schools and recognize legal ways to pray in school. Students will be able to describe religious studies.
 Students will be given an outline of the lesson.
 To get the students attention start by having them read a prayer aloud together. Note the student’s reactions. Ask questions to find out how students feel about religion in schools and if they believe schools should start their days of with a prayer. Prayer: “Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence upon Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon, our parents, our teachers and our Country.”……( U.S. Supreme Court, "Engel et al. v. Vitale et al.," 1962-JUN-25, at: http://www.nationalcenter.org/cc7252.htm)
 Outlines should be given at the beginning of class so students can read the prayer from it. After the students have had a chance to express their feelings on religion in the school system it is now time to start the lesson. Make sure that the students know that the outline is a learning tool for them and that in will help when it comes time for the test. Take each objective one at the time. At the end of each topic stop and ask questions to make sure that students understand, this way you know if the students are understanding the subject. To help students more you can right main topics on the board. When the outline has been gone over completely check to make sure there are no questions and that all the students have their outlines completed so they can be used during the review.
 To practice understanding, go over the power point flashcards. This will give the students an idea what the assessment will be like and show the level of understanding to the teacher. If the students struggle while doing the flashcards, it’s a good idea to try and go back and teach the information in a different way.
Checking For Understanding:
 Give the students the Assessment. The students are allowed to have help form classmate. When the students are finished check to see how well they understood the information. With the results of the assessments feedback can now be given in the form of a grade.
 Restate main points of the lesion and go back over the questions that any of the students got wrong on the assessment.
Teacher Reflections:

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