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 How To Master Life
 The Introduction section is week 1 of Masterlife 1: The Disciple's Cross. The Key words are "abide" and "disciple."
 Members will be able to tell at least one new fact about each member, they will be able to explain what abiding in Christ means, they will be able to say from memory Luke 9:23, they will also be able to explain the Disciple's Cross diagram; and complete the assignments for week 1
 The objectives are for everyone to get to know each other a little better than they did to begin. It is also to tell them about what the Sunday School will consist of. Explaining to them that it is not the traditional Sunday School, because they will have outside task that will help them to understand what it means to be a disciple. That is if they choose to do them.
 A book for each member cost is $9.99, for each 6 week study. The entire 24 wk discipleship process has four book. We can also make handouts if this is going to be a burden for the members. DVD/TV will also be needed.
 The session will be for 30-45 minutes a week.
 There will be group discussion the following weeks outside homework, demonstrations, and six essential elements that will help each of us grow in our walk with Christ. They are the daily activities of members, weekly assignments, the modeling, instructions, and accountablity of the leader, the group sessions, Christ who is our Discipler, and the members of the church.
 Throughout the sessions the leader of the session will watch closely for any member that may need more time or help understanding any particular area.
 If there is anyone who needs special help accomidations will be made.
Checking For Understanding:
 The members will be asked at the end of each session do they have any questions, do they understand what was went over, and they will be verbally quizzed.
 The leader will do a quick overview,. Making sure that they touch the required definitions with understanding.
 The mesure of progress will be taken throughout the series, by watching the believer grow and understand his Christian life better.
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