Lesson Plan : World Religions

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Avila
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 Students will be introduced to the three main religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They will be taught the history of each religion, as well as, be introduced to various current events that deal with the religions
 Christian Vocabulary: Church, Pope, Jesus, Lent, Advent, Christmas, God, Concordot of Worms, relics, Cistercian, Franciscan, Dominican, Nuns, Christian beliefs, heresy, connection with Judaism, Gentile. Islamic vocabulary: Allah, mosque, Mohammed, 5 pillars of Islam, Mecca, the hajj, Khadija
 For the student to understand how religion continuously plays a role in everyday life they will look at various articles and make inferences on the articles based on history and the connection to the present. Also, they will be given a review for the test.
 The students will understand the history of Christianity and how it relates to their traditions of today. They will also be able to define and identify the words in the content area. The students will understand the history of Islam and how it relates to their traditions of today. They will also be able to define and identify the words in the content area.
 In-focus, United Streaming, pen, paper
 Start the class always with a TAKS Journal, which will ask three TAKS Related Questions. After go over the definitions on Judaism and the notes. In addition, they will do a quickwrite where they will have 5 minutes to write down everything they can remember about what they learned on Judaism. After, we will discuss what they wrote. Next we will discuss Christianity, start KWL (what do you KNOW about Christianity, what do you WANT to know, and what did you learn).
 Continue on by watching the video on Christianity on unitedstreaming entitled World Religions: Christianity. Student will write ten new things, from the video that they learned on Christianity. After, we will discuss the video and some of the various concepts learned. We will pull that together by taking notes on the history of Christianity. We will then discuss some of the present day major issues of each of the religions. (ex. Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Fundamentalism in Islam, Christian beliefs in relation to the development of the 21st century). After this they will begin their assignment.
 Student will look at how the past relates to the present in world religions with the use of newspapers and magazine articles.
  ELL-students will be given extended time on the assignment, and asked to also put the definition in words they understand.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will be moving around the room making sure the students understand the lesson and the concept of the definition. The pictures they draw will be the true assessment, to see if they can take the definition and put it in their own idea.
 To conclude, they will have an exit assignment where before leaving the class they must tell me two things they have learned about Judaism and Christianity. Students will turn in their articles, summary and information to the question. The information to the question is the real relevance in seeing if they understand the beliefs of each of these religions.
 Students will turn in their tests and start work on the next chapter independently.
Teacher Reflections:

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