High School Arts and Humanities Lesson Plans

  • Ancient Greek Theatre - The students will learn how to make their own appearance look older. They will be asked to present their own aged face for a final presentation.
  • Creating A Castle - They will learn castle terms, as well as all of the different rooms and details needed to complete their individual castles.
  • Creating Packing Tape Casts - In this activity students use packing tape to create casts of objects. They apply several layers of tape around an object.
  • Cubomania - Cubomania is a technique used in surrealist art. It involves taking a photograph, cutting it up, and reassembling it in a new way.
  • Drawing the Trapezoid Human - Students will be able to draw a human figure in proper proportion by employing geometric shapes they are familiar with already.
  • I-Paint, I-draw, I-see - To gain information on an art career, and skill in paiting and figure study.
  • Frottage - Textured rubbings are fun to do, but often they are left as just that. In this lesson, students are challenged to incorporate those textures into their pictures.
  • Learning About Surrealism - Some goals of this lesson is to be able to tell the difference between the Surrealist movement and any other art movement.
  • Ndebele Object Painting - The learner will organize the components of a work into a cohesive whole through knowledge of organizational principles of design and art elements.
  • Parsemage - Parsemage involves creating pictures by laying chalk dust or charcoal in water and then putting paper under it and lifting the paper up.
  • Proto Renaissance - Students will recognize the shift in style, substance and subject. Students will recognize the use of oil.
  • Screen Printing - Teach students how to create a screen print. Allow them the freedom to express what is important to them.
  • Scratchboard Pictures - Students create pictures out of scratchboard in this lesson. The animals or objects they can choose are limitless, but the greater the detail, the more the picture will stand out.
  • 60 Second Famous Artist Report - Students will research important information about their artist.

Other Lesson Plans That We Enjoy

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