Lesson Plan : Ancient Greek Theatre

Teacher Name:
 Cassandra Newcomb
 Grade 9-10
 Arts and Crafts

 Stage Make-up
 Subject Matter: Learn about the process of putting make-up on for an aged look. Spatula, sponge, pan cake makeup, cream based make-up, pencil liner, make-up brush, powder off
 The students will learn how to make their own appearance look older. They will be asked to present their own aged face for a final presentation.
 Analyzing stage makeup and its importance to the directive of the play or show.
 Personal stage make-up, pencils, paper, stage make-up how to worksheet for aged make-up, make-up video.
 We are going to present a aged face around the age of 80.
 I will start with showing the end result. Then a video. After the short make-up video, I will ask for a volunteer. Then I will demonstrate how to put on the make-up.
 They will practice putting on he make-up on themselves. I will go around and and assist as I see needed.
 I will allow my blind student to read the procedure in braile. I would put certian labels on certain makup colors and help him to feel the contours of the face on a dummy face. He would then apply the make-up to the dunny face. I would grade him on particapation and putting the correct colors in the correct places.
Checking For Understanding:
 I would ask questions about the procedure and have the studnets write in a journal to express their opinions on how well they were able to do certain manuvers or something they could do differently.
 Tell the studnets how they could use this technique to alter their appearances to look older in a play.
 1. student participation. 1-5 (5 being excellent) 2. student ability to present a realistic aged face. 1-5 (5 being excellent)
Teacher Reflections:

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