Lesson Plan : Screen Printing

Teacher Name:
 Sheedy & Wochner
 Grade 11-12
 Arts and Crafts

 Print Making
 Choose an issue that is important to you and create a screen print that will send the message you want to convey to your audience.
 Teach students how to create a screen print. Allow them the freedom to express what is important to them.
 Understand a brief history of screen printing and learning how to communicate their opinions.
 Paper, ink, screens,and other screen printing materials.
 This assignment will teach you how to create a screen print that conveys a message.
 We would choose an image, show how to prepare a screen, expose the chosen image on the scree, pull ink through the screen onto paper,and how present their work.
 We will first go through the demonstration ourselves and then do it with the students step bye step. Having one teacher at the front of the classroom doig the demonstation and the tother going around helping the students.
 We will help the students with any questions they have. If they are struggling to find an idea we will have some sample ones provided.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the project is complete the students will participate in a group critique. They will discuss what they have learned and how they have used it in their work. They will also look at each others work and make constructive comments about it.
 We hope the students will gain a basic knowledge of how to create a screen. We also hope that it was an enjoyable assignment for them.
 We will use the worksheets, final prints, group participation and critique to evaluate and determine the grade for this assignment.
Teacher Reflections:
 We think this will be a very productive and fun assignment. They will take away a skill that they can use in other aspects of their life. It is a starting point that they can expand from paper to clothes to etc. The possibilities are endless.

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