Lesson Plan : I-Paint, I-draw, I-see

Teacher Name:
 Allison Higgins
 Grade 11-12
 Arts and Crafts

  Advertising, Painting, figure study
 Compare Various Apple I-Pod ads and talk briefly about advertising. Help them to come up with there own theme for adverstising with a twist.
 To gain information on an art career, and skill in paiting and figure study.
 To creats there own I- ( Artists) painting Ad. They will think of an idea for painting and advertisment, (They will be creating an I-Paint ad but instead of the I-pod or paint brush they will put themselves in the painting as so type of artists, a painter, a sketch artists, a sculpter, a photographer, etc.. They will discuss advances in photography, understand good and bad poses, create own spin on Apple iPod ads.
 Canvases, Acrylic paint, Paintbrushes, pencils, sketchbook, camera, computer, printer, gesso, scrapers for the gesso.
 Discuss Advertising, Look at iPod ads, and compare and contrast all ads. Ask questions: what do all of these have in common? Why do you think they are so popular? Where have you seen these? Does it matter where you place these ads? What is an example of a good place to advertise for this product? What is an example of a bad place to advertise? Who is buying these? What is the purpose of advertising? Where can you find advertisments? What are things you need to consider when advertising?
 Have a volunteer model come up and show the class some poses, they could do for there project. draw and example on the board or overhead.
 Have students sketch out 3 ideas in there sketchbook, and then choose the best one.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quiz on advertising questions and terms.
 Have then class do a class critique of each others art work.
 Constantly asses the progress of each student visually throughout the porject.
Teacher Reflections:

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