Lesson Plan : Creating A Castle

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 Grade 9-10
 Arts and Crafts

 Castle Construction
 Learn about Medieval and Renaissance time period in their relationships to castle architecture and building.
 Each of 4 teams will create their own Welsh Castle based on all the requirements of William de Clare, a Norman Baron. There are five steps to the material to be covered: #1) Daily Life #2) The Baron's castle specifications #3) Castle research #4) Castle layout and design #5) The Model (Finished Castle)
 Students will learn about castle life in a Medieval/Renaissance castle. They will learn castle terms, as well as all of the different rooms and details needed to complete their individual castles. The will learn about research and sketching; line; form; composition.
 The students' and their teams will use their sketchbooks to record sketches of their research as well as their written notes. Also, the students will decide by their teams unanimous concent which materials they will find and use for the final construction of their castles. (Students only are allowed to layout, plan and construct...no outside help, except from teacher)
 Introduce Medieval/Renaissance castle life in Wales. Introduce William de Clare and his relationship to the King.
 Begin by answer first question of first week: What was the Great Hall, and what were it's functions.
 Week 1-6 Step One: What is the importance of a "Great Hall" in a castle? What did a typical hall look like? Flooring? Lighting? Describe how heating was accomplished in the Medieval halls. Describe the kitchens usually found in Medieval castles. Explain how the main bedrooms and guest rooms were laid out in the castle. What were squints used for? Did castles have water accessible on all floors? Explain. Where was the chapel located in early castles? How are guests seated when they come for dinner? List four things you learned about knights.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review each week, the progress the week before.
 Worksheet to begin each class, evaluating the weeks question. To be filled out before discussions begin.
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