Lesson Plan : 60 second famous artist report

Teacher Name:
 Grade 11-12
 Arts and Crafts

 Famous Artists/graphic designers
 Students will research the topic with partners and report in 60 seconds.
  Each group will present in one minute. Everyone will have gained insight on an artist's life, style, skills, and historical affect.
 Students will research important information about their artist. They will share that info with the class To learn about famous people in the area of art and graphics.
 Text books, computers, magazines and pictures.
 Briefly go over lesson plan and remind students it is a fun competition among 3 of our classes. The objective is to research a famous artist. Secondary info: biographical. Main info: accomplishments in the field( famous works, style he/she developed etc.,education and experiences.
 Share example.
 Allow students to find info within classroom, in books, pictures, and on-line(supervise closely), there are also lists of famous artists.
 Allow really shy people to go last or first if they want. Don't force Art Bunmee to talk--he can hold the picture.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask what kind of info they have. Do they have too much about the artist's biography? Did they find info about the artist's style, accomplishments, events that molded or directed the artist? Did they learn about the artist's style? Did the events of society influence them?
 Allow enough time for each group to give presentation. They may go for no less than fifty seconds, but no more than a minute. Remind the classes you will be rating them for three places--like songfest.
 Rate each class on the following: Educational(informed), interesting and funny or exciting, on-time, creative.
Teacher Reflections:
 Chris: please let me know what the pitfalls and positives were. Rate them honestly, and if you don't think a class qualifies, let me know that too. Thanks, deb.

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