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Student Forms Pack

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Lesson Forms

Lesson Forms Pack

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Printable Teacher Timesavers and Helpers

Get in the habit of using these forms regularly. They will make your day a breeze and also protect you if parent or student accountability comes into question.

  1. Alphabet Recognition - A great way to encourage parents to participate in their child's education.
  2. Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs - This will help you determine the level of response you are anticipating from your students.
  3. Book Mark Maker - Make simple book marks to help you remember where you left off. Includes room for a picture and a motivational slogan!
  4. Bus Pass Generator - Make reproducible bus passes for your students. Make one for every teacher!
  5. Classroom Procedures Forms Pack - The Classroom Procedures pack features forms to make speed your everyday. There is tons of helpful templates for teachers.
  6. Daily Teachers Helpers Forms Pack - Make those daily tasks simple and easy for you and your students.
  7. Hall Pass Generator - This generator can be used when students need to leave your room during instructional time.
  8. Free E-mail - Get free web-based e-mail that you can check from anywhere in the world. It even checks your home e-mail.
  9. Free School-to-Home Hard Drive - Sick and tired of carrying disks between home and school? We'll give you a hard drive that you can use anywhere.
  10. Free Teacher Calendar - Create a free on-line calendar to share your schedule with students and parents which also allows everyone to print them out at anytime!
  11. "I'm Late" Sign-in Sheet - Keep track of students that are late to your class and stop latecomers from being a disruption.
  12. "I'm Leaving" Sign-out Sheet - Keep track of students that leave your classroom. A must for fire drills and student safety.
  13. Online Good News / Bad News Reports - Too busy to tell students and parents how they are doing? This powerful tool allows you to send electronic feedback to up to 50 people by making one report. Your reports come with music and graphics too.
  14. Rubric Generators - Make student rubrics for home work, projects, lab reports, listening, presentations, writing, general purposes, and more!
  15. Personal Education Plan Generator - The PEP Generator creates a form that is a cross between a behavior contract and an IEP. It allows teachers to meet the needs of students who require modifications or curricular adaptations.
  16. School wide Forms Pack - The School Wide pack features forms to make communicating with administration, community leaders, parents, and other staff a breeze. There is tons of helpful templates for teachers.
  17. Student Achievement / Evaluation Pack - The Student Achievement / Evaluation Forms pack features forms to make charting and tracking student progress simple.
  18. Student Forms Pack - The Student Forms pack features forms to make communicating with students and increasing their accountability. Students will crave the organization this pack offers.
  19. Teacher Lesson Forms Pack - The Teacher Lesson Forms pack features forms to make planning lessons and teacher observations a cinch. You will thank us on drop-by observation days.
  20. Teacher's Weekly Schedule Generator - This generator can be used to make a schedule for your day-to-day routine. This schedule can be used to help teachers, students, and parents.
  21. Testing Modification Chart Generator - This generator can be used to make a chart that will assist all staff members that are involved in the assessment of special needs children.
Student Forms

Classroom Procedures Pack

- Quick Anytime Forms
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For School

School Wide Pack

- 77 Timesaving Pages
- Administrative Tasks

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