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Safety Rules on the School Bus

Getting on and off a school bus is routine for students. However, it's crucial to teach them the essential safety rules on the bus for a safe and enjoyable trip every day. These trips help students stay safe while also easing the work for school bus drivers responsible for children's safety.

School Bus Rules for Students

Children must know the rules of getting on and off and riding a school bus for their safety. Let's discuss which rules students must follow when riding a school bus.

When the Bus is Approaching

Students often run towards the bus when it's approaching. Such an act can be dangerous for their safety as it might cause accidents. Therefore, they must:

- Wait for the bus in line.
- Do not push or shove other kids.
- Avoid running on the streets or playing with friends.
- Form a queue instead of shoving others to get on board first.

When Boarding the Bus

Students are often hasty and careless when boarding the bus. To ensure the safety of themselves and their fellows, they must:

- Wait for the bus to come to a complete halt and for the door to open correctly.
- Stand in line and wait for their turn patiently.
- Avoid shoving kids around as it could lead them to fall and cause injuries.
- Take the support of the handrail while climbing up the steps.

When Onboard

Once children are on board, they often roam around in the aisle instead of settling down at a seat, causing them to fall. Hence, they must:

- Find a seat quickly and stay seated.
- Avoid getting up from their seat unless necessary.
- Do not yell at others or create a nuisance, as it could easily distract the driver.
- Not keep backpacks or other belongings in the aisle. It could block the way for others or often cause them to stumble, causing injuries.
- Avoid putting their head or hands outside the window.
- Never play with emergency exits.
- Not cause any mess on the bus through eating or drinking. Students must also avoid putting their feet on seats.
- Avoid throwing anything out of the bus windows.
- Gather their things ahead of time when they know their stop is near to avoid getting in someone's way.

When Getting Off

Students must also be cautious when they're getting off of the bus. Whether it's at the school or at home, they must:

- Only get up from their seat when the bus comes to a complete halt at the stop. Otherwise, stay seated.
- Walk to the front of the bus and wait for the door to open.
- Use the handrail to avoid tripping while getting off of the bus.
- Start walking straight to their house or school while keeping an eye out for other vehicles nearby to avoid accidents.
- Only cross the street once the school bus has moved away if they live across the stop. Avoid crossing by coming in front of the bus.


School bus rules for students have been created to protect them from accidents and injuries. Children must be aware of and follow these rules strictly whether they're waiting for the bus, boarding it, riding it, or getting off. In each activity, vigilance and present mindedness are crucial for students' safety.