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Reading: It's the real thing! Reading: Everything to gain.
Born to Read! Reading: Just for the fun of it!


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The Importance of Bookmarks

Students nowadays are constantly searching the web to attempt their assignments. Still, with a bulk of information and numerous web pages, it becomes tough to track which site they found the most beneficial in their research. Educators often require students to cite their sources which doesn't help much either. But that's where bookmarks come in handy.

What Is a Bookmark?

A bookmark refers to a page that you save on a browser to get back to the page's information. Bookmark and history are somewhat different as a bookmark saves the link from your search history onto the browser's memory. Browsers automatically record the history, whereas you must intentionally create a bookmark.

To create a bookmark in Google, you can press CTRL + D or click on the star icon in the URL bar.

Importance of Creating a Bookmark

While searching the web, it's easy to get lost in the maze of information, but bookmarks help you in numerous ways to save you time and effort.

Keeps Track of Your Search

Bookmarks keep track of the searches that you've made so that whenever you need to refer to a piece of information, you don't have to search it all over again. Bookmarks also remind you of which point you were at during your research to make it easy to continue your search.

Makes Navigation Easy

Bookmarks make navigating through the web of information accessible. It allows you to plan the direction of your search while showing you which pages you've been through so far. This benefit saves you the hassle of repeatedly going through the same piece of information.

Organizes Your Search

Having web pages bookmarked in your web browser organizes your search to go back to a piece of information that becomes accessible. You can easily see which pages you visited and were helpful in your search. Having an organized search saves you from the hassle of checking out tons of pages to find the one thing you're looking for.

Provides Efficiency

In today's world, everyone is looking for a way to make things faster. Bookmarking a web page allows you to instantly view the page without typing and searching from the beginning. You can just look at your browser's home page and find the bookmarked pages to refer to immediately.

Saves Time in Citing

Having sites bookmarked makes citing efficient as you have the pages you searched from saved in the browser's history. Instead of looking for a needle in the haystack, you can quickly view your bookmarks and cite your desired page in your article or research.

Bookmarking is a valuable tool for students, and teachers must encourage students to use it while searching the web for information. It helps keep track of the searches they've made.

As a teacher, you can also look at their searches and guide them regarding which pages to look for to cite authentic information. Bookmarking makes searching easy and efficient while saving from redundant sources of information. Make work easy for you and your students with the help of a bookmark in Google.