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How to Make Hall Passes for Your Class

Do you want to be informed when your students leave the class without getting disturbed? That's where hall passes come in handy.

What Are Hall Passes?

Hall passes are small pieces of paper given to students who need to leave the classroom during a school day. These passes can be to administer medication, use the restroom, or use the school's facilities. It is a way to track students during a certain period.

They are often color-coded to indicate the reason for the pass. For example, a teacher may give a yellow hall pass to a student to leave class to use the restroom and a green one for a meeting in the office. Students must have a hall pass from their teacher and signed by the teacher if they need to be out of the classroom. They should contain the student's name and the reason for the pass.

You can use online hall pass templates to make them for your class. These small pieces of paper would require you to write your name on them, the purpose of the pass, and the student it's being given to. That's an efficient but quite boring way of making hall passes.

Here are some creative hall pass ideas to keep your class engaging and interesting.

Thematic Design on Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use tool for graphic designing. You can select a theme on Canva that matches your overall classroom theme and design hall passes there. Take out a color print of these passes and laminate them to make them durable. You can attach a string to it so that students can wear it around their neck, reducing the chances of losing the pass.

Reusable Items

You may have numerous useless items lying around that can be turned into hall passes. For instance, if you're an art teacher, you're likely to own a bunch of paintbrushes whose bristles have dried up for good. Use those paintbrushes as the hall passes by, writing your name and the purpose for leaving class on it.

Subject Related Jokes and Puns

You don't have to play Picasso if that's not your expertise. You can instead use the subject you teach to show off your creativity. Use different jokes and puns on your class's hall pass to give your students and the hallway teachers a good laugh.

For instance, if you're a science teacher, you can perhaps use this joke on your hall pass: what kind of hair do oceans have? Wavy!

Sanitizer Hall Pass

Instead of just focusing on design, you can also be creative by taking an extra step of care for your students. For bathroom passes, attach a mini sanitizer to them so that students can use the hall pass and sanitize afterward. This strategy would also inculcate discipline in students and allow students to pay attention to their health.

Students' Designed Pass

You can arrange a fun activity in class and ask each student to design hall passes for themselves. They can follow a singular theme or mix it up. Students will then submit their ideas to you, and each time they need to go out of the classroom, they can ask you for the hall pass.

You can always use hooks or thumb pins to secure student passes on a space nearby to make giving hall passes easy. So that each time a student grabs a pass and goes out, you'd know.


Hall passes are a great tool to keep track of students. It also makes students responsible for the time they're using out of the class since their teacher is aware of it too. They also keep students safe, and in case a child is missing for long, teachers can easily track them by seeing which pass is missing.

Use the hall pass ideas discussed above and design some interesting passes for your classroom. Happy teaching!