Kids Questions

Questions Kids Have about Weather Series

- Why does it Snow?
- Forecasts

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Weathers Affects

How Does Weather Affect Us?

- Super Series
- Why does Weather Exist?

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Printable Weather Teacher Worksheets

When we have nothing to talk about, what always comes up? Weather of course! Weather has a way of changing human behavior unlike anything else on Earth. In this section we help students understanding extreme weather and how weather forms.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Adjective Worksheets
  3. Hurricane
  4. Lightning
  5. Rain
  6. Snow
  7. Tornado
  8. Bank On It! Worksheet
  9. Crossword Puzzle
  10. Cryptogram
  11. Do The Research- Weather
  12. Group Creative Writing
  13. If I Were A.... ?
  14. KWL
  15. My Secret Decoder
  16. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  17. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  18. Vocabulary Quiz
  19. Weather Lesson Plan Ideas
  20. Weather Maze
  21. Word Chop
  22. Word Scramble Worksheet
  23. Word Search Worksheet

Weather Teacher Resources

  1. How Does Weather Affect Us? Series
  2. Forces of Nature Lesson Series
  3. Questions Kids Have about Weather Series
  4. Cloze - Natural Disasters Theme, Vol. 1
  5. Cyber-Starters, Weather Workbook
  6. Forces Of Nature Teaching Theme
  7. Environment Environmental Lesson Plans
  8. Environment Teaching Theme
  9. Puzzle Series: Tsunami Theme
  10. Sci. Literacy.- Weather, Space, Volcanoes
  11. Sci. Literacy- Weather, Space, Volcanoes 2
  12. The Effects of Volcanoes Lesson Series
  13. Volcano, Volcanoes Teaching Theme
  14. Weather Lesson Plans
  15. Weather Teaching Theme
  16. Weather Web Sites For Science Teachers

Forces of Nature Lesson Series

- Excellent Series
- Reading Activities

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Computer Starters

Weather Starters

- Blizzards, Floods, Hail
- Hurricanes, Lightning

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  1. Hot
  2. Mountains
  3. Sunny
  4. Tornado

Songs and Writing Paper

  1. Clouds Writing Paper
  2. Hurricane Song
  3. Lightning Paper
  4. Tornado Paper
  5. What Makes Rain? Song

The Affects of Volcanoes Series

- Kids Love This One!
- Reading Activities

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Tsunami Theme Puzzles

- Crosswords
- Vocabulary Activities

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