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Weather Vocabulary

foggy A heavy layer or covering of fog.
forecast To predict the future weather occurrences.
freezing The state, at or low where matter will convert from a liquid to a sold state.
humidity A measure of the condition of being moist or damp.
hurricane A violent storm with wind and heavy rain.
lightning Electrical activity in the atmosphere that occurs between clouds, causing a flash of light.
barometer A tool that measures and records atmospheric pressure.
rain Condensed moisture that fall from the clouds in forms of drops.
snow Water vapor that freezes in the form of crystals that descend from the clouds.
sunny The condition that occurs when the sun is shining.
thermometer Tool used for measuring temperatures or the amount of heat.
thunderstorm A lightning and thunder storm often with heavy rain.
tornado A whirlwind that can be extremely destructive and violent.
warm Condition of moderate heat.
windy Action of wind blowing.
winter A season that involves weather conditions such as snow and rain.
clear The condition of being free of clouds and darkness.
cloudy The condition of clouds blocking the sky.
cool The condition of being cold or chilly.


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