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Reading Comprehension Worksheet


Ask anyone who's been through an extreme weather event and they will tell you that the tornado, hurricane, flash flood, blizzard or avalanche they experienced was indeed the worst kind of weather to live through.

But perhaps no one can testify to the shocking power of sudden severe weather as well as those who have had a bolt of white-hot lightning shoot through them. Lightning can strike with little or no warning in some parts of the world. Twenty percent of lightning victims are struck dead immediately.

Because lightning bolts strike Earth approximately 100 times a second, it stands to reason that lightning kills more people annually than hurricanes or tornadoes, according to a number of experts.

1. What percentage of those struck by lightning, live to tell about it?


2. How often does lightning strike the Earth in a minute? _________________________________
3. What form of severe weather do experts feel leads to the most deaths annually?


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