All About Cells

- Animal and Plant Cells
- An Awesome Series

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Science of Water Reading Set

- Everything Water
- Teachers Love It!

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Biology Labs Worksheets

We have a number of teacher tested biology labs for you to print. Students love these hands on activities. They are so fun that students forget they are learning valuable skills for their future.

  1. Eat Your Heart Out New York Times! - This is an entire class project, in which student create a newspaper about air for the school.
  2. How Does A Plant Cell Relate To Your School? - Students compare their school to a plant or animal cell.
  3. Introduction to Populations - Students examine ecosystems and the organisms who live in them.
  4. It's Alive, Alive, Allllllllllliiiiiiivvvvveeee! - A cooperative activity, in which students construct a 3-D plant cell.
  5. It's Just a Phase They're Going Through! - Students observe the different phases of mitosis.
  6. I've got a feeling?????? - Students put their senses to the test!
  7. Lights, Camera, Action! - Students make a flip book to illustrate enzyme kinetics.
  8. Picking your teeth with DNA! - Students make a DNA ladder that runs around the room.
  9. Put yourself in Giligan's shoes? - Students develop their own island. A fun critical thinking activity.
  10. The Cardiac 100 - Students develop an analogy that relates the movement of blood through the heart to a race course.
  11. The Incredible, Edible Cell! - Students build a 3-D cell out of jello!
  12. The Nervous Security System - Students will make brochures that relate modern day security systems to the nervous system.

Biology Lab Related Teacher Resources

  1. Cellular Biology Workbook
  2. Blood and the Circulatory System
  3. Digestive, Circulatory, and Respiratory Systems
  4. Forces of Nature Lesson Series
  5. How Does Weather Affect Us? Series
  6. Human Body - Early Elementary Level
  7. Human Endocrine, Nervous, Respiratory and Urinary Systems
  8. Human Muscles and Skeletal System
  9. Living Things and the Environment Vocabulary Words
  10. Science Graphic Organizers Set
  11. Sorting and Classification Starter Pack
  12. Sorting and Classification Intermediate Pack
  13. Who Knew Mother Earth Has So Many Problems?
Human Organs

Digestive System and Food

- All Human Organs
- Complete Series

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Saving the Rainforest Set

- Rainforest Layers
- Student Helpers

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