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It's Just a Phase They're Going Through!


Problem: What phases do cells undergo during mitosis? What happens at each phase?

Hypothesis: ________________________________________________.

Materials: Unlined paper (1 sheet), colored pencils, pencil, crayons, light microscope, slides, cover slips, onion (fresh), toothpicks, knife (used by teacher only), iodine stain.


Procedure Part A: Slide Preparation Onion Skin

a. First take a piece of onion skin off the onion.

b. Put it flat on a slide.

c. Bring the slide to the leader for a drop of iodine stain.

d. Carefully put on a cover slip remembering to angle it.

e. Examine the cell under low then medium power.

f. Adjust your microscope to a higher power.

Procedure Part B: Data Preparation

1. You will take your paper fold and it in half, label each box created (front + back) numbers 1 - 4 as shown on the right.

2. Create a large box within numbered box, as shown.

3. Within the large area you will draw the stages of mitosis, make them colorful.

4. Within the smaller box you will write the name of each stage shown, and give a full description of what you see happening.

Data Sheet

1. Front






3. Back






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