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Lights, Camera, Action!

Background: You will be making a movie showing how an enzyme works. You will design a flip-book (many pages of drawings which, when flipped, move like a motion picture) which demonstrates the lock and key theory of enzyme activity.

Problem: Using the lock and key theory of enzymes, how do enzymes speed up reactions? What is a catalyst?

Hypothesis: ________________________________________________.

Materials: At least 15- 3" x 5" (cut in half) notecards, your choice of writing or coloring utensil, the big OLE' stapler.


1. In groups of 2 you will develop 2 characters give them and names. Enzymes are so small we don't know exactly what they look like, that's where you come in. Make them cartoon characters, superheros and villains, sporting events whatever you choose. 1 character will represent an enzyme that it is about to catalyze the other character your substrate.

2. After you have decided on 2 characters (enzyme & substrate) you will develop a story-line for your two actors. The story-line must fit the action an enzyme and substrate take in the lock and key model of enzyme kinetics. Get this approved by your teacher.

3. After the story-line has been refined, you will use your 15 notecards to draw the story out. Now, when you drawing the story make sure you use the bottom edge of the card as your drawing space otherwise you will flip book will be hard to view.

4. After your finished drawing all cards take your book up to your teacher and he/she will staple it to complete your flip-book.

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