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The Cardiac 100


Problem: What eight-stage path does a single drop of blood follow through the heart from the Vena Cava to the Aorta?


Vena cava (inferior & superior)
Aorta (Out to the body)

Materials: 5 sheets of unlined paper, assorted markers and color pencils, rulers, protractors.

Background: You are a blood vessel in the human body. You have been personally assigned the task of developing the cardiac 100 racecourse. This is a race ran by all the blood in the body daily. See your getting old (84 hours old) and you must teach the new blood (no pun intended) cells how to get around the heart before you pass on. So you must make a map (on paper)


  1. Make sure to get five pieces of white unlined paper.
  2. With the first piece of paper, you must make a miniature drawing of your racecourse. Your racecourse represents the passage of blood through the heart. Remember that your racecourse has eight stages the participants (blood) must pass through. The starting line being the vena cava and the finish line being the aorta.
  3. Have this mini drawing approved by your teacher (get a signature).
  4. Using the other four sheets of paper, tape them together to make one big drawing space.
  5. Enlarge your mini-drawing to a full-scale diagram of your racecourse on the four sheets of paper.
  6. Make it colorful. The quality (neatness, attention to detail) of this drawing racecourse will severely reflect the grade of this lab. Take your time!

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