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The Nervous Security System


Problem: How does the Nervous system relate to a modern day security system? What does each part exactly relate to?

Hypothesis: __________________________________________________________.

Materials: 3 chart papers folded, your writing instrument of choice, 3 pieces of poster board.


1. In-groups of two you will design brochures and advertise what I call the nervous security system.

2. The key feature is to give an overall sense of the organization and function of nervous system. Tell how it acts as security system complete with sensors that tell the body there is something wrong. You may use drawings, computer graphics, photographs of actual organs, pictures from magazines, journals, or books to help in your advertisement of each system. Let your imagination run WILD!

3. You are to give your nervous security system a name.

4. Your brochure must include the following vocabulary: cell body, dendrites, neuron, axon, impulse, central nervous system, cerebellum, brain stem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

5. Each group will orally present its brochure to the class.

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