Easter Theme Teacher Workbook

- Fun & Engaging
-Great Writing Skill Builders For Students

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Phonics Consonant Blends

- Visual Association
- Great Printables.

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Easter Worksheets

Take a few minutes and check out all the printables we have specifically for this holiday. There are a bunch for you to enjoy.
  1. Easter Mad Lib - Work on your parts of speech in the holiday theme.
  2. Colorful Easter Basket Writing Paper
  3. Easter Alphabetic Order Worksheet
  4. Easter Alphabetization Workbook
  5. Easter Basket Writing Paper
  6. Easter Bingo Card 1
  7. Bingo Card 2
  8. Bingo Card 3
  9. Bingo Card 4
  10. Easter Vocabulary Words and Definitions
  11. Easter Vocabulary Words and Definitions Quiz
  12. Easter Word Scramble
  13. Easter Word Scramble Answer Key
  14. Easter Word Search
  15. Follow Directions: Easter Basket
  16. Letter and Sound Recognition Workbook
  17. Word Families Workbook

Easter Teacher Resources

  1. April Monthly Teacher Series
  2. April Monthly Helpers Workbook
  3. Cloze Paragraphs - April Theme, Vol. 1
  4. Cloze Paragraphs - April Theme, Vol. 2
  5. Easter Lesson Plans
  6. Easter Teaching Resources
  7. Egg Carton Crafts Resources For Kids
  8. Spring Season Lesson Plans
  9. Spring Season Teaching Resources
  10. Writing Starters: Vol. 8, April Theme Workbook
April Lessons

April Lesson Series

- Really Interesting Topics
- Reading Activities

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April Timesavers

April Monthly Helpers

- April Related Fun
- Writing and Reading

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