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The Health Effects Of Winter Series

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During Winter Lesson Series

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Winter Lesson Plans

Christmas Basic Skills Temperature and Health Effects Of Winter
Christmas Fun Workbook The Winter Lesson Plan Projects Video
Ultimate December Lessons Things That Only Happen During Winter
Curious About Winter Lessons When Winter Affects Us
Holiday Teaching Themes Winter Teaching Theme
Holiday Teacher Worksheets Winter Worksheets


January Worksheet Series

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December Holidays

December Holidays Around the World

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Curious George in the Snow Sled Ornaments- "We read the book and talk about the children's sledding experiences. What kinds of inventions would they make for better sledding? Then we make a sled ornament."
  2. Let it Snow!- "Students will create a snowperson out of art materials and learn about sequencing by writing down the steps taken to complete their snowperson."
  3. Seasons of the Year- The link between the tilt of the Earth's axis to the ecliptic and seasons of the year--length of day, effectiveness of sunlight, polar day and night, and seasons south and north of the equator, as well as near it.
  4. Snow Science Art- Cross curriculum lesson.
  5. What's Up With the Weather?- In this lesson, students will pull from their research, conversations, and everyday lives to determine whether or not an area is safe enough from severe weather to make a home. Students will be challenged to form an opinion, and justify their ideas to others.
  6. Winter Holidays- "This lesson provides students with an opportunity to learn about the traditions of various winter holidays."

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