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Cinco De Mayo Lesson Plans

Cinco De Mayo Teaching Theme Spanish Lesson Plans
Cinco De Mayo Worksheets Spring Alphabetization Workbook
Cinco De Mayo Theme Workbook Spring Spelling Workbook
Ocean Teaching Theme Spring Teaching Theme
May Monthly Helper Workbook Spring Worksheets

May Helper

May Monthly Helper Workbook

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. A Gallery of Mexican Art- Students tour a virtual gallery of Mexican Art and create a glossary of art terms.
  2. Bean and Seed Mosaic- A Visual arts lesson where the students design and construct their own bean and seed mosaic that will emphasize line, shape and color.
  3. Cinco de Mayo Lesson- Understands various aspects of family life, structures, and roles in different cultures and in many eras.
  4. Cinco de Mayo Wrap Activity- Hands-on activities make learning fun for students. Don't forget to practice good sanitation and safety!
  5. Cinco de Mayo Mini Unit- Students will know why Cinco de Mayo is recognized as a national holiday in Mexico.
  6. How to make "The Star"
  7. Mexico Classroom Ideas- Discovering Mexico from a geographer's point of view - and to share that viewpoint with students and children.
  8. Mexico and Its Neighbor to the North- Students stage a debate about immigration between the United States and Mexico.
  9. Paper Bag Poncho- For Cinco de Mayo on May 5th (or any day of the year), have yourself a special day complete with Mexican food and Mexican clothes like brightly colored ponchos.
  10. The Beat of Mexico- Students learn about mariachi music and create their own rhythm instruments.
  11. Where in the World Is Mexico?- Students create puzzles of a map of Mexico.

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