Lesson Plan Title : Mexican Memory Match

Age Range: Kindergarten through grade 2 (Primary)

Overview and Purpose: This is a review game where students match pieces of different Mexican symbols. When the different cards are put together, they represent a traditional aspect of Mexican culture.

Objective: The student will be able to match different parts of Mexican symbols with each other.


Index cards with various parts of Mexican symbols on them


This is a review game you can play with your students after they've learned about Mexico. Each student draws a card and lays it face down on his desk. The cards should have various pieces of Mexican symbols, e.g., three different cards can each have one color of the Mexican flag, one card can have a piãata and another can have candy, or one card can have a hat and another can have musical notes.

After all the students have a card, they should try to find students who have matching cards. When they find the students with the other cards, they all raise their hands. The cards are gathered and the game could be played again.

Wrap Up:

This game could also be used as a center. Some students may need help to understand which cards belong together. More advanced students could also match the correct word with the groups of cards.